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// MuseScore
// Music Composition & Notation
// Copyright (C) 2012 Werner Schweer
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
// as published by the Free Software Foundation and appearing in
// the file LICENCE.GPL
#ifndef __PLUGINS_H__
#define __PLUGINS_H__
#include "config.h"
#include "musescore.h"
#include "libmscore/element.h"
#include "libmscore/score.h"
#include "libmscore/utils.h"
// @@ FileIO
// @P source QString
class FileIO : public QObject {
Q_PROPERTY(QString source
READ source
WRITE setSource
NOTIFY sourceChanged)
explicit FileIO(QObject *parent = 0);
Q_INVOKABLE QString read();
Q_INVOKABLE bool write(const QString& data);
Q_INVOKABLE bool remove();
Q_INVOKABLE QString tempPath() {QDir dir; return dir.tempPath();};
QString source() { return mSource; };
public slots:
void setSource(const QString& source) { mSource = source; };
void sourceChanged(const QString& source);
void error(const QString& msg);
QString mSource;
// MsProcess
// @@ QProcess
class MsProcess : public QProcess {
MsProcess(QObject* parent = 0) : QProcess(parent) {}
public slots:
Q_INVOKABLE void start(const QString& program) { QProcess::start(program); }
Q_INVOKABLE bool waitForFinished(int msecs = 30000) { return QProcess::waitForFinished(msecs); }
Q_INVOKABLE QByteArray readAllStandardOutput() { return QProcess::readAllStandardOutput(); }
// @@ ScoreView
/// This is an GUI element to show a score.
// @P color QColor background color
// @P scale qreal scaling factor
class MsScoreView : public QDeclarativeItem, public MuseScoreView {
Q_PROPERTY(QColor color READ color WRITE setColor)
Q_PROPERTY(qreal scale READ scale WRITE setScale)
Score* score;
int _currentPage;
QColor _color;
qreal mag;
int playPos;
QRectF _boundingRect;
QNetworkAccessManager* networkManager;
virtual void dataChanged(const QRectF&) { update(); }
virtual void updateAll() { update(); }
virtual void moveCursor() {}
virtual void adjustCanvasPosition(const Element*, bool) {}
virtual void removeScore() {}
virtual void changeEditElement(Element*) {}
virtual int gripCount() const { return 0; }
virtual const QRectF& getGrip(int) const;
virtual const QTransform& matrix() const;
virtual void setDropRectangle(const QRectF&) {}
virtual void cmdAddSlur(Note*, Note*) {}
virtual void startEdit() {}
virtual void startEdit(Element*, int) {}
virtual Element* elementNear(QPointF) { return 0; }
virtual void paint(QPainter*, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem*, QWidget*);
virtual void setCursor(const QCursor&) {}
virtual QCursor cursor() const { return QCursor(); }
virtual QRectF boundingRect() const { return _boundingRect; }
virtual void drawBackground(QPainter*, const QRectF&) const {}
public slots:
Q_INVOKABLE void setScore(Score*);
Q_INVOKABLE void setCurrentPage(int n);
Q_INVOKABLE void nextPage();
Q_INVOKABLE void prevPage();
MsScoreView(QDeclarativeItem* parent = 0);
virtual ~MsScoreView() {}
QColor color() const { return _color; }
void setColor(const QColor& c) { _color = c; }
qreal scale() const { return mag; }
void setScale(qreal v) { mag = v; }
// QmlPlugin
// @@ MuseScore
// @P menuPath QString where the plugin is placed in menu
// @P pluginType QString
// @P dockArea QString
// @P division int number of MIDI ticks for 1/4 note, read only
// @P mscoreVersion int the complete version number of MuseScore in the form: MMmmuu, read only
// @P mscoreMajorVersion int the 1st part of the MuseScore version, read only
// @P mscoreMinorVersion int the 2nd part of the MuseScore version, read only
// @P mscoreUpdateVersion int the 3rd part of the MuseScore version, read only
// @P mscoreDPI qreal read only
// @P curScore Score* the current score, if any, read only
// @P scores array[Score] all currently open scores, read only
class QmlPlugin : public QDeclarativeItem {
Q_PROPERTY(QString menuPath READ menuPath WRITE setMenuPath)
Q_PROPERTY(QString version READ version WRITE setVersion)
Q_PROPERTY(QString description READ description WRITE setDescription)
Q_PROPERTY(QString pluginType READ pluginType WRITE setPluginType)
Q_PROPERTY(QString dockArea READ dockArea WRITE setDockArea)
Q_PROPERTY(int division READ division)
Q_PROPERTY(int mscoreVersion READ mscoreVersion)
Q_PROPERTY(int mscoreMajorVersion READ mscoreMajorVersion)
Q_PROPERTY(int mscoreMinorVersion READ mscoreMinorVersion)
Q_PROPERTY(int mscoreUpdateVersion READ mscoreUpdateVersion)
Q_PROPERTY(qreal mscoreDPI READ mscoreDPI)
Q_PROPERTY(Score* curScore READ curScore)
Q_PROPERTY(QDeclarativeListProperty<Score> scores READ scores);
QString _menuPath;
QString _pluginType;
QString _dockArea;
QString _version;
QString _description;
void run();
QmlPlugin(QDeclarativeItem* parent = 0);
void setMenuPath(const QString& s) { _menuPath = s; }
QString menuPath() const { return _menuPath; }
void setVersion(const QString& s) { _version = s; }
QString version() const { return _version; }
void setDescription(const QString& s) { _description = s; }
QString description() const { return _description; }
void setPluginType(const QString& s) { _pluginType = s; }
QString pluginType() const { return _pluginType; }
void setDockArea(const QString& s) { _dockArea = s; }
QString dockArea() const { return _dockArea; }
void runPlugin() { emit run(); }
int division() const { return MScore::division; }
int mscoreVersion() const { return ::version(); }
int mscoreMajorVersion() const { return majorVersion(); }
int mscoreMinorVersion() const { return minorVersion(); }
int mscoreUpdateVersion() const { return updateVersion(); }
qreal mscoreDPI() const { return MScore::DPI; }
Score* curScore() const;
QDeclarativeListProperty<Score> scores();
Q_INVOKABLE Score* newScore(const QString& name, const QString& part, int measures);
Q_INVOKABLE Element* newElement(Element::ElementType);
Q_INVOKABLE void cmd(const QString&);
Q_INVOKABLE MsProcess* newQProcess() { return new MsProcess(this); }
Q_INVOKABLE bool writeScore(Score*, const QString& name, const QString& ext);
Q_INVOKABLE Score* readScore(const QString& name);
extern void collectPluginMetaInformation(PluginDescription*);
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