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// MuseScore
// Music Composition & Notation
// $Id: beam.h 5563 2012-04-20 13:30:27Z wschweer $
// Copyright (C) 2002-2012 Werner Schweer
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
// as published by the Free Software Foundation and appearing in
// the file LICENCE.GPL
#ifndef __BEAM_H__
#define __BEAM_H__
#include "element.h"
#include "durationtype.h"
#include "spanner.h"
class ChordRest;
class MuseScoreView;
class Chord;
class QPainter;
struct BeamFragment;
// @@ Beam
class Beam : public Element {
QList<ChordRest*> _elements; // must be sorted by tick
QList<QLineF*> beamSegments;
MScore::Direction _direction;
bool _up;
bool _distribute; // equal spacing of elements
qreal _grow1; // define "feather" beams
qreal _grow2;
qreal _beamDist;
QList<BeamFragment*> fragments; // beam splits across systems
bool _userModified[2]; // 0: auto/down 1: up
mutable int _id; // used in read()/write()
int minMove; // set in layout1()
int maxMove;
bool isGrace;
bool cross;
TDuration maxDuration;
qreal slope;
int editFragment; // valid in edit mode
void layout2(QList<ChordRest*>, SpannerSegmentType, int frag);
bool twoBeamedNotes();
void computeStemLen(const QList<Chord*>& crl, qreal& py1, int beamLevels);
bool noSlope(const QList<Chord*>& crl);
Beam(Score* s);
Beam(const Beam&);
virtual Beam* clone() const { return new Beam(*this); }
virtual ElementType type() const { return BEAM; }
virtual QPointF pagePos() const; ///< position in page coordinates
virtual bool isEditable() const { return true; }
virtual void startEdit(MuseScoreView*, const QPointF&);
virtual void editDrag(const EditData&);
virtual void updateGrips(int*, QRectF*) const;
virtual void write(Xml& xml) const;
virtual void read(const QDomElement&);
virtual void toDefault();
System* system() const { return (System*)parent(); }
void layout1();
void layout();
const QList<ChordRest*>& elements() { return _elements; }
void clear() { _elements.clear(); }
bool isEmpty() const { return _elements.isEmpty(); }
virtual void add(ChordRest* a);
virtual void remove(ChordRest* a);
void writeMusicXml(Xml& xml, ChordRest* cr) const;
virtual void move(qreal, qreal);
virtual void draw(QPainter*) const;
bool up() const { return _up; }
void setUp(bool v) { _up = v; }
void setId(int i) const { _id = i; }
int id() const { return _id; }
void setBeamDirection(MScore::Direction d);
MScore::Direction beamDirection() const { return _direction; }
virtual QPainterPath shape() const;
virtual bool contains(const QPointF& p) const;
virtual bool acceptDrop(MuseScoreView*, const QPointF&, Element*) const;
virtual Element* drop(const DropData&);
qreal growLeft() const { return _grow1; }
qreal growRight() const { return _grow2; }
void setGrowLeft(qreal val) { _grow1 = val; }
void setGrowRight(qreal val) { _grow2 = val; }
bool distribute() const { return _distribute; }
void setDistribute(bool val) { _distribute = val; }
bool userModified() const;
void setUserModified(bool val);
QPointF beamPos() const;
void setBeamPos(const QPointF& bp);
QVariant getProperty(P_ID propertyId) const;
bool setProperty(P_ID propertyId, const QVariant&);
QVariant propertyDefault(P_ID id) const;
extern bool endBeam(const Fraction&, ChordRest* cr, ChordRest* prevCr);
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