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Try to optimise creating and reviewing PRs process
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anatoly-os committed Sep 17, 2019
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Resolves: *(direct link to the issue)*

*(short description of the changes and the motivation to make the changes)*

- [ ] I signed [CLA](
- [ ] I made sure the code in the PR follows [the coding rules](
- [ ] I made sure the code compiles on my machine
- [ ] I made sure there are no unnecessary changes in the code
- [ ] I made sure the title of the PR reflects the core meaning of the issue you are solving
- [ ] I made sure the commit message(s) contain a description and answer the question "Why do those changes fix that particular issue?" or "Why are those changes really necessary as improvements?"
- [ ] I made sure the commit message title starts with "fix #424242:" if there is a related issue
- [ ] I created the test (mtest, vtest, script test) to verify the changes I made

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