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Commits on May 18, 2015
  1. @lasconic
  2. @lasconic

    Merge pull request #2007 from MarcSabatella/60891-split-first

    lasconic authored
    fix #60891: corruption splitting measure on first beat
  3. @lasconic

    Merge pull request #2005 from AntonioBL/ove-fix-and-tests

    lasconic authored
    ove import fixes and tests
  4. @lasconic
Commits on May 16, 2015
  1. @MarcSabatella
  2. @jimka2001
  3. @jimka2001

    fixed problem with ornaments/glissando with transposing instruments

    jimka2001 authored
    and added test cases for this situation
  4. @jimka2001
  5. @jimka2001

    implementation of glissando playback

    jimka2001 authored
    added play button for glissando
    also updated test case
    updated glissando accidentals to work correctly based on end note, even if in different staff
  6. @jimka2001
  7. @jimka2001
  8. @jimka2001

    Improved resolution, fixing some midi-out/in resolution issues.

    jimka2001 authored
    refactored some code into local function makeEvent
    trying to simply to debug non-homogeneous trills
    updated test case for mordent
    updated xml read and write to use strings rather than numbers for ornamentStyle
    white space
  9. @jimka2001

    reimplemented renditions of some ornaments as per Baroque Music, Styl…

    jimka2001 authored
    …e and Performance A Handbook, by Robert Donington,(c) 1982
    implemented tied ornament notes
    added some documentation for the OrnamentExcursion data structure
    and removed some old debug comments
    refactored articulationExcursion into local function
  10. @jimka2001

    updating to use writeProperty rather than direct call to xml.tag,

    jimka2001 authored
    hoping to solve an unreproducable casting problem reported by shoogle.
    updated midi test as per current state of mordent implementation
  11. @jimka2001
  12. @jimka2001
  13. @jimka2001
Commits on May 15, 2015
  1. @AntonioBL

    ove import fixes and tests

    AntonioBL authored
  2. @lasconic

    Merge pull request #2003 from lvinken/various-fixes

    lasconic authored
    Various fixes
  3. @lasconic

    Merge pull request #2004 from AntonioBL/biab_import_fix

    lasconic authored
    fix band-in-a-box import of chords
  4. @AntonioBL
  5. @lasconic
Commits on May 14, 2015
  1. @lasconic
  2. @lasconic
  3. @lasconic
  4. @lvinken

    fix #59226 for DOM parser

    lvinken authored
  5. @lvinken

    fix #59226 for pull parser

    lvinken authored
  6. @lvinken

    remove/disable debug output

    lvinken authored
  7. @lvinken

    fix #55671

    lvinken authored
Commits on May 13, 2015
  1. @lasconic
  2. @lasconic
  3. @lasconic
  4. @wschweer
  5. @wschweer

    add another demo file

    wschweer authored
  6. @wschweer

    add another demo

    wschweer authored
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