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Recipes used by Nodel hosts.
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AMX beacon receiver
APC power controller
Advantech ADAM 6050 6060 relay module
Alcorn Binloop HD player
Alcorn DVM-8500 player
Amino A140-STB
BayTech MRP100 PDU
Biamp Nexia
Computer Controller
Dataprobe iBoot
Denon AV Receiver (AVR-X4100W)
Epson via ESC VP21 protocol
Extron CR48
Extron G2 series controllers
Extron IN16XX series presentation switch
Extron MVC 121 Plus mixer
Extron RAC 104 volume controller
Extron USB Series USB Switcher
Git Daemon process
Git Sync process
Global Caché iTach IP2CC
Global Caché iTach IP2IR
Global Caché iTach IP2SL
InFocus IN126STa
Integra amplifier
Kramer VP-433
LG monitor
Microsoft Exchange schedule retriever
Network Monitors
Nodel Framework Diagnostics
Nodel Host process
Nodel Recipe sync
Nodel Surveyor
PySerial bridge process
Raspberry Pi
SSDP receiver
Samsung display
Sangean WFT-1Di DAB and audio player
Serveredge Switched PDU
Sharp monitor
VLC media player
Xilica Neutrino A0816-N DSP
Yamaha AV Receiver over YNCA protocol
Yamaha BD-S677B Blu-ray player via Global Caché IP2IR
Yamaha XMV Series amplifier (ready for MTX3, MTX5-D, MRX7-D, EXi8, EXo8)
projectiondesign projector

Nodel Recipe Logo


A collection of recipes for Nodel, the digital control system designed for museums and galleries.

Written in Python (Jython) with the Nodel API, these recipes are used to integrate a wide variety of nodes (actionable agents) into the platform, ranging from device control and content management, to monitoring and scheduling.


Generated Nodes

Device Control

A device node generated from a recipe, and designed to integrate commonly used switched rack PDU devices for remote power control.

APC Recipe Example

Application Wrappers

An application node, generated from a recipe utilising the process wrapper in Nodel's toolkit to drive a popular open-source media player.

VLC Recipe Example

Schedulers and Calendars

A snippet of a calendar node, generated from a recipe which retrieves and propagates events in the platform from a popular online mail and calendaring service.

Calendar Example

Recipe Script

### Remote actions this Node requires
remote_action_PowerOnRP = RemoteAction()
remote_action_PowerOffRP = RemoteAction()

remote_action_PowerOnPC = RemoteAction()
remote_action_PowerOffPC = RemoteAction()

remote_action_PowerOnSD = RemoteAction()
remote_action_PowerOffSD = RemoteAction()

### Local actions this Node provides
def local_action_Enable(arg = None):
  print 'Action Enable requested.'

### Remote events this Node requires
def remote_event_Enable(arg = None):
  print 'Remote event Enable arrived.'


Recipes are the blueprints for a node. These exist as script files contained within the node structure ../nodel/nodes/[nodename]/, and contain the node logic. They are scripted accordingly to the node type intended to be generated, with pre-made recipes available on this repository.

Recipe Guide

The folders created in the nodes directory will instantiate nodes on the Nodel platform. The folder name corresponds to the name as it appears on the web client.

There are example files generated automatically on the creation of a new folder in the nodes directory. You can access the recipes through the inline editor built into Nodel, or use your preferred text-editor.

Editor Preview



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