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the Zurich Atmosphere Purge. Sky subtraction for MUSE.


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ZAP (the Zurich Atmosphere Purge)

Tired of sky subtraction residuals? ZAP them!

ZAP is a high precision sky subtraction tool which can be used as complete sky subtraction solution, or as an enhancement to previously sky-subtracted MUSE data. The method uses PCA to isolate the residual sky subtraction features and remove them from the observed datacube. ZAP was designed for MUSE data and has been used sucessfully on KCWI and Subaru/FOCAS data.

The last stable release of ZAP can be installed simply with pip:

pip install zap

Or into the user path with:

pip install --user zap


The paper describing the original method can be found here:

Please cite ZAP as:

\bibitem[Soto et al.(2016)]{2016MNRAS.458.3210S} Soto, K.~T., Lilly, S.~J., Bacon, R., Richard, J., \& Conseil, S.\ 2016, \mnras, 458, 3210