the Zurich Atmosphere Purge. Sky subtraction for MUSE.
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ZAP (the Zurich Atmosphere Purge)

Tired of sky subtraction residuals? ZAP them!

ZAP is a high precision sky subtraction tool which can be used as complete sky subtraction solution, or as an enhancement to previously sky-subtracted MUSE data. The method uses PCA to isolate the residual sky subtraction features and remove them from the observed datacube. Future developments will include modification for use on a variety of instruments.

The last stable release of ZAP can be installed simply with pip:

pip install zap

Or into the user path with:

pip install --user zap



The paper describing the original method can be found here:

Please cite ZAP as:

\bibitem[Soto et al.(2016)]{2016MNRAS.458.3210S} Soto, K.~T., Lilly, S.~J., Bacon, R., Richard, J., \& Conseil, S.\ 2016, \mnras, 458, 3210