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Oct 3, 2019
Try-build for one-core support for Bookworm.

Whats new?

This is a try build of Bookworm. It provides experimental support for Windows 10 mobile voices, aka one-core synthesizer.
This try build addresses issue #16

Assets 7
Oct 3, 2019
Config profile creation problem fixed

New Features

  • Full support for Bulgarian language (work done by @k-kolev1985)

Bug Fixes

  • Several fixes to internationalization support.
  • When restarting Bookworm, the recent position in the book is restored upon restart
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements
Assets 7

This marks the first beta release of Bookworm, the universally accessible e-book reader.

We expect at least three more beta releases before arriving at a release candidate. This aligns well with our philosophy; that is, release less, release late.

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