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This is a CRUD app using FeathersJs, ReactJs with Redux thunk middleware.
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This a basic crud react-redux crud application. It currently uses mongodb for the server and featherjs as the rest backend server.

How to install

git clone
cd feathersjs-react-CRUD

# Install frontend dependencies
npm install

# Install backend dependencies
cd apiServer
npm install

How to run

Check mongodb url in config

Start the backend server

Start the backend server first:

cd feathersjs-react-CRUD/apiServer
npm start

This will run the backend server at localhost:3931. If all is working well, you should be able to access the url http://localhost:3931/students from your Browser or Postman

Start the client

Open a separate terminal to start the client:

cd feathersjs-react-CRUD
npm start

Your default web browser will be launched automatically with the url http://localhost:3215

Change SMTP Settings

Open this file feathersjs-react-CRUD\apiServer\src\services\mailer\mailer-hooks.js and change the following settings to your own.

// change the user and pass !
var transporter = nodemailer.createTransport({
    host: '',
    port: 465,
    secure: true, // use SSL
    auth: {
      user: '',
      pass: 'pass'

Used Libraries

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