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Skins for the Quake multiplayer community
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new Player Model


Skins for the Quake multiplayer community. Because beautiful skins don't need to compromise visibility.

New and old skins, for both the new and regular player model.

choose a skin for you or your team! make your own, oh and how about distinguishing enemies during the game? You got it right here. Overview screenshot. Most skins are not shown!


instructions for "skin sets" on its own directory. Instructions for general usage skins:

Option 1) Download skins.pk3 and place it on your quake/qw.

Option 2) Download everything. Click on the green button.

Option 3) Download the sets to use in teamgames

Option 4) get a zip here (might not be up to date):

Use as your own skin, as a teammate or enemy skin (/teamskin or /enemyskin). If other players have the skin you're using, they'll see it in the game (as long as they set /teamskin or /enemyskin to "" - empty). To list all the skins you have in the game, type in the console /fs_dir skins


Feel free to create new skins (we recommend using Primevil ones, see We encourage you to do it. For your team, your teammate, your neighbour!

Send new skins to mushi (or use git), they will be uploaded here, and others can get them.



all the skins in /SKINS


main repository. individual skins are here.


sets of skins to be used as teamskins and/or enemyskins. instructions on usage there.


a skin for FTE, allow RGB colors to be given to pants and shirts

/new Player Model

skins for the "new player model"


Credit goes to Link and Mushi, Primevil and all other skins creators These skins are on for convenience, but it might not be up to date.



Can't see a skin in the game, even though my friend has it set?

  • do you have it on your quake/qw/skins folder? there must be a file there, with the same name as the skin you want to see.

  • have you set /teamskin and /enemyskin to ""? The value of these commands must be set to empty, or else your client will force the usage of a skin, and you will not see individual skins.

  • make sure /noskins 0

  • type /skins. this will reload skins from your hard drive.

I want to use the sets for the enemies, but i can't see the different skins!

  • make sure the e1-e4 skin files are on quake/qw/skins and that you have set /enemyforceskin 3
  • the equivalent for teammates is are t1-t4 files and /teamforceskin 3
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