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He who flays the hide

Basic Concept

  • Evaluating SNARE events.
  • Serve dorks.
  • Adopt and change the responses.

Getting Started

  • You need Python3. We tested primarily with python 3.5
  • This was tested with a recent Ubuntu based Linux.

Setup Redis

  1. Install the Redis: sudo apt-get install redis-server
  2. Start it on localhost with default port: redis-server

Setup PHP Sanbox

  1. For PHP Sandbox setup, see sandbox manual
  2. In PHP Sandbox directory, run sandbox: sudo python3 sandbox.py

Setup and run TANNER

  1. Get TANNER: git clone https://github.com/mushorg/tanner.git
  2. Go to the TANNER source directory: cd tanner
  3. Install requirements: pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  4. Install TANNER: python3 setup.py install
  5. Run TANNER: sudo tanner

You obviously want to bind to when running in production and on a different host than SNARE (recommended).

See the docs for more info