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@@ -82,11 +82,23 @@ It emulates `Command Execution`_ vulnerability. This attack is detected with pat
* The ``command`` is executed in a docker container safely.
* Results from container is injected into the index page.
PHP Code Injection Emulator
It emulates `PHP code injection`_ vuln. Usually, this type of vuln is found where user input is directly passed to
functions like eval, assert. To mimic the functionality, user input is converted to the following code
``<?php eval('$a = user_input'); ?>`` and then passed to phpox to get php code emulation results.
CRLF Emulator
It emulates `CRLF`_ vuln. The attack is detected using ``\r\n`` pattern in the input. The parameter which looks suspicious
is injected as a header with parameter name as header name and param value as header value.
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