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Tanner API
Tanner api provides various stats related to traffic captured by snare. It can be accessed at ``locahost:8090/api/``.
This is the index page which shows ``tanner api``.
This shows all the snares' uuid.
Replace ``<snare-uuid>`` with a valid `snare-uuid` and it will show all the sessions related to that ``snare-uuid`` and their details.
Replace ``<snare-uuid>`` with a valid `snare-uuid` and it will show some stats.
* No of sessions in the sanre
* Total duration for which snare remains active
* Attack frequency, which shows no of sessions which face different attacks.
This shows all the sessions' uuid which follow the filters.
Filters are sepatated by ``white-space`` and name-value pair are separated by ``:``. E.g ``?filters=filter1:value1 filter2:value2``.
It supports 5 filters:
* **snare_uuid** -- Sessions related to given snare. E.g ``?filters=snare_uuid:8fa6aa98-4283-4085-bfb9-a1cd3a9e56e7``
* **peer_ip** -- Sessions with given ip. E.g ``?filters=peer_ip:``
* **user-agent** -- Sessions with given user-agent. E.g ``?filters=user-agent:Chrome``
* **attack_type** -- Sessions with given attack type such as lfi, rfi, xss, cmd_exec, sqli. E.g ``?filters=attack_type:lfi``
* **possible_owner** -- Sessions with given owner type such as user, tool, crawler, attacker. E.g ``?filters=possible_owner:attacker``
* **time_interval** -- Sessions which are active during a given time-interval. E.g ``?filters=time_interval:1480560-1480580``
It gives all information about the session with given uuid.

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