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Releases: music-encoding/sibmei


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This is the first Sibmei release supporting MEI 4. We skipped version number 3 to get Sibmei major versions in sync with the supported MEI version. As some projects have developed tools that build upon the old MEI 3 export, Sibmei 4 is designed to be installable side by side with Sibmei 2. Make sure you choose the right Sibmei plugin version when exporting (all Sibmei 4 export variants have "MEI 4" in the name).

Besides the MEI 4 support, the most significant addition is an extension system for exporting custom symbols and text styles. This gives projects some means of modifying the export behavior without having to maintain a Sibmei fork.

Some other enhancements in this release:

  • Much improved handling of text formatting
  • Various attributes added
  • Support lyrics on chords
  • Support staffDef/labelAbbr
  • Add instrument transposition in <staffDef>
  • Export of some additional articulation symbols
  • Export of shown bar numbers as measure/@label

Some of the bug fixes in this release:

  • Clef changes under beams and tuplets
  • Grace notes at the beginning of tuplets
  • Handling of elisions

Much of this release was sponsored by Max Weber Stiftung. Most of the work was done by Anna Plaksin and Thomas Weber with some contributions by Andrew Hankinson and Klaus Rettinghaus. Mark Saccomano joined the list of contributors.


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In the process of making Sibmei MEI 4 ready, this is the last Sibmei release supporting MEI 3.


  • Add more @startid/@endid attributes to slurs, lines and symbols
  • Support more line styles
  • Add @tstamp to <tempo> elements

Bug fixes:

  • Proper @wordpos and @con attributes for lyrics with elisions
  • Proper @grace and @stem.mod attributes for acciaccaturas/appoggiaturas

Most work on this release was done by Anna Plaksin, sponsored by Max Weber Stiftung. Klaus Rettinghaus joined the list of contributors.


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This is a bugfix release that prevents crashes for lines or slurs that cross barlines.


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This release adds support for:

  • Figured bass (sponsored by ÖAW)
  • Arpeggios
  • Sections: Multiple <mdiv>s (new <mdiv>s start after bars marked as "section end" in Sibelius)
  • Output of @tstamp.ges attributes

The following bugs are fixed:

  • Gestural duration inside tuplets (Martha Thomae)
  • Proper @tstamps in pickup bars
  • Proper @con and @wordpos attributes (Anna Plaksin)
  • Detection of accidental visibility
  • Entity escaping of lyrics with elisions

Special thanks to new contributors Anna Plaksin and Martha Thomae.


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This release contains several important bug fixes and functionality enhancements.

  • Rewrite of much of the tuplet code, including bug fixes and support for Nested Tuplets (Thomas Weber)
  • Support for Bar Rest fermatas (Thomas Weber)
  • Ongoing work in progress for supporting more staff symbols in the output
  • Rewrite of the beaming functionality. Now supports nested beams, grace beams, and @breaksec (Thomas Weber)
  • Fixed bug where the Music Text Font Name was used for lyrics (Thomas Weber)
  • Additional support for system breaks (Thomas Weber)
  • Tidied up support for rests that begin a beam (Thomas Weber)
  • Support for @metcon=false for measures that do not conform to the time signature (Thomas Weber)
  • Fixed a bug where the measure label was getting needlessly rewritten in a loop.
  • Enhanced support for tremolos
  • Support for syllable elision in lyrics
  • Fixed the ordering of articulations
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a bar object being referenced was null.

Thanks to Notengrafik Berlin for sponsoring some of this work.


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This is a bugfix and feature release.

  • Lines with durations (Slurs, Dynamics, etc.) now have a tstamp2 value, so that they can be drawn with the appropriate duration.
  • Support for Glissando Lines
  • Fixed typos (someday I will learn how to spell Diminuendo correctly...)
  • Time and Key Signature changes are now recorded in the MEI output.
  • Removed a buggy method in the libmei library
  • General cleanup.


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Minor bug-fix release to add @staff to <harm> elements. Also a minor code clean-up.


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Primarily optimizations and cosmetic changes in this release.

  • The filename of the score is suggested as the default export filename
  • The user's documents folder is suggested as the main export folder
  • Removed unused arguments from a method
  • Disabled generating hashes for notes -- should speed things up a bit.
  • Initial support for the <harm> element as a way of exporting chord symbols. See: rism-digital/verovio#280.


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This release fixes only a single issue with ties that could cross staves. However, this is a significant enough fix that it warrants a new release.


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This release is a complete re-write of the Sibelius to MEI plugin. In addition to the fixes and features from the previous beta versions, this new release contains several more fixes:

  • Fixed a spelling mistake on octava lines (5b753df)
  • Fixed an issue where objects could be assigned to a non-existent layer 0 (1894073)
  • Fixed an issue where ties may not be encoded correctly (5585af9)
  • Fixed redundant encoding of staff and layer on notes (3f719c8) NB: See commit message for caveat
  • Fixed an issue where grace notes could be counted as the last note of a tuplet (ff34e50)
  • Fixed an issue where repeat signs could be missing (0fa1fdf)
  • Fixed syllable connectors to encode the 'd' (dash) connector (93127c2)

(Apologies for the myriad release messages this evening... I decided to simply release the full version after releasing Beta 4...)