Xcode Plugin helps you find missing methods in your class header, protocols, and super class, also makes fast inserting.
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Life is short, why waste it on meaningless typing?

What is it?

A code generating feature borrowed from Android Studio.

FastStub automatically finds out missing method implementaions from .h file, super class, and all procotols your class uses, also provides you a fast way to insert them.

common protocols like UITableViewDelegate, UITableViewDataSource, UIScrollViewDelegate are supported. What's your favourite way to put on some tableview's boilerplate code? anything like this?

Superduper way to write singleton

Embrace model with initWith:

Sexy getter setter

Sweet on interface extension

Easy selector generation

How to use?

press ctrl+cmd+k, you are ready to go.

How to install?

plan A: install Alcatraz, search for FastStub next.

plan B: clone this repo, build FastStub on your Mac.



☕️orz = International Coffee Begging Protocol = ICBP