Simple, yet extensible Markdown editor built with Codemirror.
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MirrorMark is a simple, yet extensible Markdown editor created with Codemirror.

See Demo.


bower install mirrormark


  • Codemirror
  • Lodash
  • Font Awesome (for toolbar icons)


<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" />
<link href="./css/mirrormark.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
  • mirrormark.css contains the theme for the editor and toolbar. If you'd like to adjust the theme create your own {theme}.css file and namespace the selectors with your theme name.
  • You can load codemirror.css and mirrormark.css together by using css/mirrormark.package.css or just load them separately.


<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="./js/mirrormark.min.js"></script>
  • You can load all of these together at once by using js/mirrormark.package.min.js or just load each piece separately depending on the situation.

Basic Usage


<textarea id="textarea1"></textarea>


textarea1 = mirrorMark(document.getElementById("textarea1"), { showToolbar: true });

Custom Actions, Keymaps, and Toolbar.

MirrorMark allows you to add custom actions, keymaps, and toolbar options. Below is an example of how to add two actions at runtime and a tool icon with a dropdown to call these two actions.


<textarea id="textarea2"></textarea>


var customActions = {
	// Inserts three images wrapped in a <div>
	"threeUp": function threeUp() {
		var html = [];
		html.push("<div class='threeUp'>");
		html.push("	<img src='' />");
		html.push("	<img src='' />");
		html.push("	<img src='' />");

	"fourUp": function fourUp() {
		var html = [];
		html.push("<div class='fourUp'>");
		html.push("	<img src='' />");
		html.push("	<img src='' />");
		html.push("	<img src='' />");
		html.push("	<img src='' />");


var customKeyMaps = { 
	"Shift-Cmd-Alt-3": "threeUp",
	"Shift-Cmd-Alt-4": "fourUp",

var customTools = [{ 
	name: "threeUp", 
	action: null, 
	className: "fa fa-fighter-jet", 
	nested: [
    		name: "threeUp", 
    		action: "threeUp", 
    		showName: true
    		name: "fourUp", 
    		action: "fourUp", 
    		showName: true

textarea2 = mirrorMark(document.getElementById("textarea2"), { autofocus: true, showToolbar: true });


When instantiating the editor you can pass the various Codemirror options available. There is also an option to opt to show toolbar showToolbar: true (Default: false) and the option to change the theme theme: name.

Custom Methods

  • registerActions(actions) - Accepts an object with an Action name as the key and an anonymous function for the value.
  • registerKeymaps(keymaps) - Accepts an object with Keymap name as the key and an anonymous function for the value.
  • RegisterTools(tools, replace) - Accepts an array of custom tool objects with the option of replacing (default: false) the existing toolbar.

Insertion Methods

  • this.insert(string) - Inserts a string at the current cursor position
  • this.insertBefore(string, cursorOffset) - Inserts a string at the current cursor position and then moves the cursor to the cursorOffset (int).
  • this.insertAround(start, end) - Inserts a given string value at the start and end of a selection.

Things coming

  • Windows support for Keymaps
  • Fullscreen editing
  • Preview mode
  • Status bar