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@kelsos kelsos released this Jan 31, 2017

  • (#95) Refreshes the playlists along with the library data.
  • (#96) Sorting now starts only from the triple dash icon in the now playing.
  • (#100) Adds the option to enqueue all tracks and play the selected on the library track tab.
  • (#91) Fixes the library search collapse that did not work previously.
  • (#94) Reworks the default action option to affect only the track view.
  • (#93) Fixes the query for showing the albums of an artist.
  • (#92) Adds the option to show only album artists in the library view.
  • (#90) Fixes the tab colors in the Help screen.
  • (#105) Automatically scrolls to the playing track when entering the now playing screen.
  • (#97) Fixes an issue where the remote session volume slider wouldn't work.
  • (#102) Fixes the ordering of the Genres to alphabetical.
  • (#99) Adds fast scrolling to the library tabs.
  • (#112) Adds Play Now (Queue All) option for albums.
  • Pressing the track info on the main view should now open the Now Playing screen.
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@kelsos kelsos released this Dec 21, 2016

Fixes a crash with a null extras payload when updating the widget.
Fixes a crash with a null key event on the media intent handler.
Fixes an issue where the artist albums would not display properly.

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@kelsos kelsos released this Dec 15, 2016

Fixes an issue where the notification would not disappear on a connected wearable after closing MusicBee.
Fixes an issue where the volume control in the wearable notification would not work.
Fixes an issue where the temporary stop during track change would make the notification flicker.
Fixes an issue where exiting the application through an other than MainActivity would navigate to the main activity.
Adds a message on connection to inform the user in case an incompatible version of the plugin is used.

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@kelsos kelsos released this Nov 30, 2016

Includes functionality and UI fixes since the alpha.
Fully converted to kotlin.

I have included two distinct apks, one that will be uploaded to playstore (play) and includes the crashlytics SDK and one that is free of crashlytics (github).

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@kelsos kelsos released this Sep 15, 2016

  • Increases minimum supported Android version from 2.3 to 4.1
  • Reworks part of the application UI
  • Replaces Search with Library browser. Library browser has search functionality for the localy cached metadata.
  • Adds basic playlist support. View and click two play.
  • Merges Help and Feedback views.
  • Fixes an issue where the application would start automatically on device boot.
  • Fixes an issue with the widgets that stopped to update after some time.
  • Increases the timeout of the automatic discovery function.
  • Adds extra actions on the Incoming call action (Stop and Pause along with Volume reduce).
  • Reworks the connection settings detection functionality. (If the network allows it the detection should happen automatically on the application startup)
  • Removes the dialogs that used to appear on each new setup.
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@kelsos kelsos released this Jan 23, 2016

Fixes a few crashes in the main view when resuming or changing orientation

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@kelsos kelsos released this Jan 17, 2016

Fixes a few issues that could cause a crash
The application is now compiled for API 23
Adds an empty message view on the search lists.

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@kelsos kelsos released this Aug 13, 2015

Adds go to subcategory as a default action in the Search functionality.
Adds home screen widgets.
Floating action button now hides and shows on scroll.
Fixes an issue where exit button would not work properly.
Fixes resuming the application after pressing an exit button.
User can now press the mini control to go to the home screen.

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@kelsos kelsos released this May 1, 2015

Fixes an issue that would cause Android 4.x devices to crash while trying to show the notification.

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