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Music Hack Day (MHD) is an international event where hackers and participating companies come together to conceptualize, build and demo the next generation of music applications. Software, hardware, mobile, web, instruments, art - anything goes as long as it’s music related.

Our primary goals are to:

  • nurture a healthy developer ecosystem around music
  • promote innovation and new technologies that help both fans and creators of music
  • encourage open collaboration between individuals, disciplines and companies

And here is our manifesto:

  1. Music Hack Day is about building the future of music. Not talking about it. Or selling it.

    • The focus of MHD events is on building projects. All attendees should contribute to projects.
    • Workshops are encouraged but limited to sharing knowledge, illustrating API’s or teaching similar tools for hacking.
    • No industry panels or unnecessary company sales pitches.
  2. When it comes to music hacking, anything goes.

    • Diversity should be promoted at all times.
    • Any medium can be used - hardware, software, mobile, web, craft, instruments.
    • For any musical purpose - creation, collaboration, consumption, recommendation, discovery.
  3. We’re hacking because we love what we do, not because it makes money

    • MHD is a not-for-profit event and is run in a non-commercial spirit.
    • No prize giver should award prizes higher than 1000 € in total value. Cash prizes are discouraged (although vouchers are okay).
    • Prize givers should be as creative as the hackers in choosing what prizes they offer.
  4. Innovation thrives when there are fewer constraints

    • Prizes should not be linked to specific criteria. And if offered prizes must always be given.
    • Intellectual property for all hacks lies with the creators not with MHD organizers or sponsors.
  5. Sponsors and participating companies facilitate Music Hack Day, they don’t own it.

    • No individual sponsor or participating company should have exclusivity at an event.
    • Companies are welcome to participate as long as they provide resources, relevant tools or developer support.
  6. Music Hack Day’s are special occasions and we look forward to every one. We believe in quality over quantity of events.

    • There should be no more than one main MHD in the same region within 4 weeks.
    • MHD should happen no more than twice per year in any one city.
  7. We believe that any hackers should be able to attend Music Hack Day events.

    • Attendance may be limited in numbers but always free of charge.
    • Events should preferably be held over a weekend.
    • We promote inclusion and diversity.