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Slay The Rainbow:Ninja vs Rainbow?

You fight a legion of rainbow monsters armed with nothing but a sword and your ninja agility.

20 seconds to clear the level.

Times running out..... What are you still reading for?????

Tech: C#, xna, (hak'd together a mod of the starter kit)

Controls: xbox Gamepad- Move -joystick or directional pad Attack - X Jump - A

Keyboard move- arrow keys, Left - left arrow key ,a Right - right arrow, d, Jump- space bar, w Attack - f

Credits hacked from xna platformer starter kit


For Monster sprite Platformer graphics (Deluxe) by Kenney Vleugels (

For Player sprite

for general q and a

for the GetHorizontalIntersectionDepth and GetVerticalIntersectionDepth Rect Exts. collisions-in-xna