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Plugin for sbt 0.10.1 for creating .classpath and .project files for the Ecipse IDE. If you need to use this plugin with sbt version prior to 0.10.0 then you need to use version 0.8.x


Just like sbt this software is distributed under the BSD License.


  • Capable of generating projects for

    • Android
    • Scala
    • Java
    • SbtEclipseIntegration
    • more to come ...
  • Only depends on sbt and scala-library producing no dependency hell when mixing with other plugins.

  • Open for anybody to contribute on sbteclipsify github

  • multiproject support

Installing the plugin

To use the plugin you can either define it globally making it available to all sbt builds or you can install it local to your project. Simply add the following dependency to your libraryDependecies

libraryDependencies <+= (libraryDependencies, sbtVersion) { (deps, version) => 
	"de.element34" %% "sbt-eclipsify" % "0.10.0-SNAPSHOT"

For setting up the plugin see "Using the Plugin in your own project" below.


If you have scala sources in your project you need to have the Scala Eclipse plugin installed or else you will not be able to work with the generated project. The plugin only adds the scala plugin nature to the project. The scala version used by eclipse cannot be set from this plugin but depends on the eclipse plugin's version. There is currently no way known to the author to use two different scala versions at the same time. If you want to use the android nature you have to have the ADT plugin installed. If you want


SbtEclipsify uses oh wonder sbt as the build tool. After cloning it from git, start sbt and do a update publish-local. This should compile all sources, run all tests and install the most recent version of the plugin to your local repo.

See "Installing the Plugin" for instruction of installing it in your projects.

Setup of the plugin

The plugin can be configured for the type of project you want to generate. This can be achived by specifing the nature your project has. For this purpose the plugin introduces new settings

SettingsKey[String]("nature", "Declarative name of the project type to create")
SettingsKey[de.element34.sbteclipsify.ProjectNature]("project-nature", "Actual ProjectNature of the project")

All available natures can be viewed in the corresponding source file for convenience the following natures are predefined in de.element34.sbteclipsify.ProjectType. Each one can be referenced via a String in order to prevent dependencies on the SbtEclipsify Plugin.

  • Java A simple java project. Use "java" as the nature setting.
  • Scala A Scala project this is the default. Use "scala" as the nature setting.
  • Android A Android plugin using Java. Use "android" as the nature setting.
  • ScalaAndroid A Android plugin using Scala. Use "scalaandroid" as the nature setting. This nature assumes that you have the ADT plugin as well as the Treeshaker plugin installed.�
  • Plugin A Eclipse plugin project using Java. Use "plugin" as the nature setting.
  • ScalaPlugin A Eclipse plugin project using Scala. Use "scalaplugin" as the nature setting.

To add simply add a line like the following to your build.sbt file.

    nature := "java"

or if you prefer to use project-nature setting use

project-nature := de.element34.sbteclipsify.ProjectType.Java

Be aware that the latter makes your build.sbt depend on the code of SbtEclipsify and will throw an error when the plugin is not part of your project.

For your own project you should choose the appropriate nature. If you are doing a scala project you don't need to set this as Scala is the default setting for nature.

You can also combine different natures to produce more complex natures. This is only possible when using project-nature

import de.element34.sbteclipsify.ProjectNature._
project-nature := JavaNature combine ScalaNature combine AndroidNature

Using the Plugin

When everything is setup correctly you will have a new action named eclipse.

The following options are available for the eclipse command:

  • version - Prints out the current version of sbtecipsify
  • skip-root - Skips creation of .project and .classpath file for the root project.
  • jar-deps - Create dependenten projects as libraries that refer to the jars in the build directory of those projects. Projects are build when nessecary.
  • with-sources - Create source entries for libariers which provide sources. This option downloads the sources from the repository when nessecary.

If everything went well you can import the Project via "File -> Import... -> General/Existing Projects into Workspace" into your Eclipse workspace.

If you encounter an error please report an issue at sbteclipsify github

Reporting issues

Issues can be reported at sbteclipsify github

Known Issues

None known yet ...


Sbt plugin for creating eclipse project and classpath files for sbt projects [DEPRECATED]




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