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I originally found this project through and 
thought the Illutron B looked really cool. I built up the hardware but found the software was only available through
Illutron/ArduinoSynth which just ran the synth in a loop and didn't include the potentiometer inputs. I PMed DuaneB 
through the Arduino forum and I'm waiting for the code. In the meantime I was going to play around with my fork and see what
I could add.

When I loaded this code into my Arduino I found that the 2nd line in synthOriginal.ino, #include "the_synth.h", was not 
being found. I added an absolute path and that fixed that up. Other than that I didn't need to modify the code in any way.

This is a really cool project. Thank you to Illutron and DuaneB for sharing this information!