A Sitecore Helix based solution for Greenfield projects
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A Sitecore Helix based solution which can be used for Greenfield projects. Tackles some common problems when working with the platform.

Features include:

  • Glass Mapper v5 - with fluent configuration and automated mapping registration
  • Unicorn - including user and role sync
  • Sitecore 9.0.2 ready
  • Bootstrap v4
  • Native dependency injection with auto controller registration
  • A sample hero banner feature and sample site project for demonstration
  • Generic content repositories (by Rendering, Item Context, or Glass Content)
  • 301 redirects
  • Version trimming rules engine - Items limited to 10 versions by default
  • Search Templates computed index field - find all items from an index by any templates they implement
  • Non admin Item Unlock
  • Auto unlocks items when a user is deleted
  • Gulp publish with webroot clean
  • Show Title When Blank patch, the forgotten Sitecore feature!
  • A module just for fun - currently adds logos to the Unicorn console

Setup Instructions

  1. Install Sitecore Experience Platform 9.0 rev. 180604 (9.0 Update-2)
    1. Name your instance 'demo.helixbase'
  2. Clone project to 'C:\Projects\Helix base'
    1. If you use another path, update the 'gulp-config.js'
  3. Install Node.js and run 'npm-install' in the project root
  4. Publish each project in VS, or use gulp tasks
  5. Run Unicorn and sync all configurations

Using Helix Base:

Refer to the Hero Feature as an example.

  • View HeroService.cs for examples of retrieving Sitecore items using the content API and the search API.
  • View Register routes for an example of how to register a route.

To add a 301 redirect simply add a redirect item to the Redirect Items folder found in your site Global folder.

To change the item version limit edit the rule on the /sitecore/system/Settings/Rules/Item Saved/Rules/Delete Old Versions item. You can also change the rule to recycle or archive old versions.

In the security editor you can assign non admin Item Unlock permissions.

If you do not require a feature you can easily delete it.

Renaming Solution / Projects

To rename the Visual Studio Solution, Helix Module Projects and Project references from 'Helixbase' to a new project name, run 'rename.ps1 -ProjectName [NewProjectName]'.