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A social platform in which users can share the tasks that need to be done in certain locations. Other users can see the task list at their current location. If they want to perform the task, they can contact the task creator and perform it. Task creator can reward the performer according to their negotiation.
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Our GitHub repository

STGB is deployed on Android SKD version of 25 and is runnable on 15+

To run source code on your platform, import it to Android Studio. In order to get smooth installation, make sure that you have updated version of Google Play Services.

Start Android Studio. On the Tools menu, click Android > SDK Manager. Update the Android Studio SDK Manager: click SDK Tools, expand Support Repository, select Google Repository, and then click OK.

Tested Environments: Android 7.1.2 Nexus 5X Android 5.0.2 Samsung Galaxy Alpha Android 6.0.0 Google Emulator

If you are using Android 6+ make sure that location services are permitted

[Note]: If you use the same device to login with multiple users, you must always delete the cache data on application

If you have any difficulties running our source code, please contact us.

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