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Tajik Cuisine is an Application for Tajik People and is simply an Recipy Guide for Tajik Kitchen and traditional Tajik food. There are some images are used from with appropriate credits given. If you have proper images or possible short video clips, you can contact me and we can collaborate and partnet with your restaurant or kitchen.
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Below is official Play Stoe Description

In our Oshkhona - Taomhoi Milli Application we have recipes and preparation guidelines to prepare Tajik Cuisine. We provided not only written descriptions but also pictures of the stages so that you follow up. We also have timers within our application in order to notify you to go for the next stage. You can just turn on timer and have a cup of tea by this time. Oshkhona application includes:

  • Pictures of each stage to comparison
  • Timer to remind you
  • Rating for each meal
  • Beautiful User Interface Enjoy delicious tajik foods through this Tajik Cuisine. Waiting for your feedbacks so that we could improve our application.
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