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@@ -206,11 +206,11 @@ follows the classic Ruby naming convention.
TemplatePartial => ./template_partial.html
-You can set the search path using `Mustache.path`. It can be set on a
+You can set the search path using `Mustache.template_path`. It can be set on a
class by class basis:
class Simple < Mustache
- self.path = File.dirname(__FILE__)
+ self.template_path = File.dirname(__FILE__)
... etc ...
@@ -222,11 +222,18 @@ If you want to just change what template is used you can set
Simple.template_file = './blah.html'
-You can also go ahead and set the template directly:
+Mustache also allows you to define the extension it'll use.
+ Simple.template_extension = 'xml'
+Given all other defaults, the above line will cause Mustache to look
+for './blah.xml'
+Feel free to set the template directly:
Simple.template = 'Hi {{person}}!'
-You can also set a different template for only a single instance:
+Or set a different template for a single instance: = 'Hi {{person}}!'

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