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@@ -16,9 +16,11 @@ API is the contents of the `specs` directory and the algorithm for testing
against it.
Mustache implementations SHOULD report the most recent version of the spec
-(major and minor version numbers) they have support for. It is RECOMMENDED
-that implementations supporting at least v1.0.0 of this spec refer to
-themselves as "Mustache-like", or "Mustache-inspired".
+(major and minor version numbers). If an implementation has support for any
+optional modules, they SHOULD indicate so with a remark attached to the
+version number (e.g. "vX.Y, including lambdas" or "v.X.Y+λ"). It is
+RECOMMENDED that implementations not supporting at least v1.0.0 of this spec
+refer to themselves as "Mustache-like", or "Mustache-inspired".
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