Give each test case a unique alphanumeric label #34

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I think it would help if each test case were given a unique alphanumeric label or id (with underscores). I think this would make it a bit easier to reference specific test cases.

So instead of saying the "Interpolation - Multiple Calls" lambda test case, for example, you could say the lambda_interpolation_multiple_calls test case.

This would also make it easier to reference a test case in one's code, say, if you were maintaining a skip list or if you wanted an unambiguous way to generate a variable or function name from a test case. The current "name" value currently can include things like hyphens, colons, spaces, and parentheses.

samwyse commented Sep 9, 2013

Since this issue has been open for two years, I'm going to vote to reject it.The test names are unique per page, which I think is adequate. In Python, for example, you can use the following to generate your example variable or function name from a test case.

def normalize(page, name):
    lst = re.split(r'\W+', test.lower())
    lst.insert(0, page)
    return '_'.join(lst)

>>> normalize('lambda', 'Interpolation - Multiple Calls')
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