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groue commented Jan 26, 2013

There is a need for totally disabling HTML-escaping, and have {{name}} render just as {{{name}}}:

Currently proposed solutions fall in one of those two buckets:

  • RTFM and use triple mustache. This is missing the point, and unfaithful to the "Mustache can be used for HTML, config files, source code - anything." motto of (emphasis mine).
  • Disable escaping via a flag or a method override. This leads to HTML-safety issues whenever such a template is embedded, via a partial tag for example, into another template that performs HTML-escaping.

After a study of the topic for GRMustache, here is more food for thoughts:

  1. The use case "disable HTML-escape" has been turned into a "HTML vs. text" templates at the API level. HTML templates escape their input, text templates do not.
  2. Two pragma tags allow to turn a template into a HTML or a text template: {{% CONTENT_TYPE:TEXT }} and {{% CONTENT_TYPE:HTML }}.
  3. Pragmas are not the only solution. At the API level, user can programmatically choose the content type of templates at different levels, globally, or per directory, whatever - this is left to the implementor. Pragma tags, if present, must have the last word.
  4. When a HTML template embeds (via a partial tag) a text template, the rendering of the text template is HTML-escaped. This basic safety feature is the reason why a "HTML-escape disabling" use case has been turned into "HTML vs. text" concept.
  5. The case of users that want to render HTML and disable HTML-escaping is not covered. The bet is that this use case is not common, if not very very rare.

I agree that precise control over rendering would be a general improvement and position Mustache more firmly as a general purpose templating solution rather than an HTML orientated one.

{{{ ... }}} is offered as a solution for preventing escaping. However, in a non HTML scenario the use of the {{{ ... }}} becomes mandatory. For example: A safely templated AppleScript dictionary (aka record in AS) assignment requires:

-- compute myResult
set myResult to { {{{ task-input-variables }}} }

Another issue is that when rendering non HTML content (say AppleScript) a failure to utilise {{{...}}} religiously can result in the somewhat distracting and syntax breaking appearance of one language characteristic (HTML) in the midst of another (AppleScript).

The CONTENT_TYPE proposal seems well positioned. The pragma paradigm is backwards compatible and extensible. The suggested default behaviour seems sensible.

groue commented Jan 27, 2013

For the record, GRMustache 6.2 has shipped with support for text templates (documentation).

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