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Izuna Drop

Purpose of the System

Izuna Drop is an arcade game which aim is controlling a spaceship and battling against enemy spaceships by using different weapons. The player will have some health point and he will try to complete levels without using all health points. At the end of the each level, the player should kill the boss for next level. There are some bonus types. The player will take these bonuses and gain features like different weapons, increment of health etc. The system will enjoy the people.

Design Goals

Our system has five main design goals:

  • Usability: Our system is easy-to-use for all users.
  • Ease of learning: Users can learn how it is playing easily. It has a basic user interface.
  • Reliability: Our system can operate and serve under stressful environment conditions correctly.
  • Performance: Response time is necessary for our system because speed of the game is the most important factor that will affect the enjoyment of the game.
  • Good documentation: Clean code will be produced and errors will be handled easily.