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…' format for backup file nama; use pkill instead killall for force stopped mysql in reset-mysql-root-password.php; use 8 char for randomString for all code; add 'execute init_main' message in create.php; back to enable lx_error_handler and lx_exception_handler under initProgramlib function in lxlib.php; make short code under createQueryStringAdd in sqlitelib.php; make disable 'quick' under '[mysqldump]' for mysql conf in set-mysql-default

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Kloxo fork by Mustafa Ramadhan



  • master - original code from lxcenter
  • dev - branch for next release
  • bugfix-6.5.0 - branch for bugfix for 6.5.0.f
  • rpms - branch for mratwork repo rpms



This is special edition (fork) of Kloxo with many features not existing on Kloxo official release (6.1.12+).

This fork named as Kloxo-MR (meaning 'Kloxo fork by Mustafa Ramadhan').


  1. More information about Kloxo (Official from LxCenter) - and

  2. More information about Kloxo-MR - and

Kloxo-MR Features

  • OS: Redhat/CentOS 5 and 6 (32bit and 64bit) or their variants; also Redhat/Centos 7 *)
  • Billing: AWBS, WHMCS, HostBill, TheHostingTool, AccountLab Plus, Blesta and BoxBilling (note: claim by billing's author)
  • Web server: Nginx, Nginx-Proxy and Lighttpd-proxy, Hiawatha, Hiawatha-proxy and Httpd 24, beside Httpd and Lighttpd; also Dual and Multiple Web server *)
  • Webcache server: Squid, Varnish and ATS *)
  • Php: Dual-php with php 5.3/5.4 as primary and php 5.2 as secondary; multiple-php *)
  • PHP-type for Apache: php-fpm_worker/_event and fcgid_worker/_event; beside mod_php/_ruid2/_itk and suphp/_worker/_event
  • Mail server: qmail-toaster instead special qmail (in progress: change from courier-imap to dovecot as imap/pop3) *)
  • Database: MySQL or MariaDB *)
  • Database Manager: PHPMyAdmin; Adminer, MyWebSql and SqlBuddy as additional **)
  • Webmail: Afterlogic Webmail Lite, Telaen, Squirrelmail, Roundcube and Rainloop; Horde and T-Dah dropped
  • FTP server: Pure-ftpd
  • DNS Server: Bind and Djbdns; add Powerdns, MaraDNS, NSD, myDNS and Yadifa *)
  • Addons: ClamAV, Spamassassin/Bogofilter/Spamdyke, RKHunter and MalDetect
  • Free SSL: Let's Encrypt (via letsencrypt/certbot-auto and and StartAPI *)
  • Fixed many bugs of Kloxo Official (including security issues)
  • And many more!


Licensing - AGPLv3

  • Like Kloxo Official, Kloxo-MR adopt AGPLv3 too.

How to install


*) New features in Kloxo-MR 7.0.0 (aka Kloxo-MR 7)

  • Version 6.5.1 change to 7.0.0 since 20 Aug 2014 (beta step)
  • OS: Redhat/CentOS 7 (64bit) (since 27 Feb 2017) *)
  • Web server: Hiawatha (since 28 Sep 2013) and Httpd 2.4 (since 20 Jun 2015); Dual (since 19 Jan 2016) and Multiple Web server (in progress)
  • Webcache server: Squid, Varnish and ATS (Apache Traffic Server) (since 3 Oct 2013)
  • DNS server: Powerdns, NSD, MyDNS and Yadifa (since 16 Sep 2013)
  • Mail server: Dovecot (since 19 Jun 2016)
  • Database: using MariaDB 10.x instead MySQL 5.5
  • Php: multiple Php versions
    • suphp base (since 27 Jun 2014)
    • fcgid base (since 5 Jul 2015)
    • php-fpm/spawning base (since 24 May 2016)
  • Free SSL:
    • Let's Encrypt (since 4 May 2016)
    • StartAPI (since 29 Jun 2016)
  • Stats:
    • Change URL from '' to '' (since 3 Sep 2016)

**) New features in Kloxo-MR 6.5.0 after released

  • Panel: Adminer, MyWebSql and SqlBuddy as alternative for Database management
  • Core: change from lxphp + lxlighttpd to use Hiawatha + php52s for running panel


This is special edition (fork) of Kloxo with many features not existing on Kloxo official release (6.1.12+). This fork named as Kloxo-MR (meaning 'Kloxo fork by Mustafa Ramadhan')




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