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version 0.2.1
# fixed expire_find_cache bug (which occured in v0.2.0)
version 0.2.0
# find_by_id and find_all_by_id methods converted to where queries for rails 4
# id based queries replaced with primary_key based queries
version 0.1.8
# local memorization on dynamic methods removed to prevent duplicate caching
version 0.1.7
# code cleanup and documentation
version 0.1.6
# after_commit on: :create, :update, :save instead of after_create, after_update, after_save callbacks
# fix thread cache key for dynamic class methods
version 0.1.5
# naming fix
version 0.1.4
# cache key bug fix
version 0.1.3
# dependency updates to make it usable for all activerecord >3.0.0
version 0.1.0
# 2012-08-25 Go public
# 2012-08-24 Added some tests
# 2012-08-23 Added thread safe cache method KeyGen.global_cache_key
version 0.0.1 (private)
# 2012-07-14 First release for
# YYYY-MM-DD Date format
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