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Some information about Apache Kylin interaction with Pentaho Mondrian
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Kylin und Mondrain Interaction

Includes patches and jars for Kylin interaction with Mondrian and Saiku.

Pre-installation Requirements

You should be able to run Kylin, to build and create a Kylin Cube successfully. Also you will need a Mondrian 4 Schema, which describes your OLAP Cube in Kylin. In our case we use Cloudera 5.4 Quickstart VM [Download].

Kylin, Mondrian and Saiku Interaction

  1. Download Kylins JDBC or download Kylin Binaries and extract the archive to get the current Kylin JDBC.
  2. Download current Saiku Community Edition.
  3. Download compiled Mondrian 4.4 (Lagunitas) jar with Kylin dialect added (see Mondrian folder) or apply our patch to Mondrian and compile your own Mondrian 4.4 Snapshot.
  4. Download newer Commons HTTPClient.
  5. Extract Saiku (path is now called saiku_root_path).
  6. Go to folder saiku_path/tomcat/webapps/saiku/WEB-INF/lib/
  • add Kylins JDBC jar
  • add the compiled Mondrian 4.4 jar with Kylin dialect
  • add newer Commons HTTPClient jar
  • remove old Mondrian jar
  • remove old Commons HTTPClient jar
  1. Start Saiku (sh
  2. Go to http://localhost:8080/
  • User: admin
  • Password: admin
  1. Click on Admin Console (big A in navigation bar)
  2. Upload your Mondrian Schema
  3. Add a new Data Source:
  • Name: Kylin Data Source
  • Connection Type: Mondrian
  • URL: jdbc:kylin://{your_kylin_url}:7070/{your_project_name}
  • Schema: {your_mondrian_schema}
  • JDBC Driver: org.apache.kylin.jdbc.Driver
  • Username: {your_kylin_username} (Standard: admin)
  • Password: {your_kylin_password} (Standard: KYLIN)

Have fun!

Kylin and Mondrian with Java Application

Take a look into Example Folder.

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