Google Maps field type for Custom Metaboxes and Fields for WordPress
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CMB2 Field Type: Google Maps


Google Maps field type for CMB2.

The pw_map field stores the latitude/longitude values which you can then use to display a map in your theme.


You can install this field type as you would a WordPress plugin:

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Place the plugin folder in your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Google API Key

You'll need to generate a Google API key with both "Maps JavaScript API" and "Places API" enabled.

There are three options for specifying the Google API key:

  1. Pass the api_key field parameter. Not recommended as you'll have to do this for each map field.
  2. Define the key in your wp-config.php file.
  3. Hook in your own key retrieval logic using the pw_google_api_key filter.



Save a location on a map. Example:

$cmb->add_field( array(
	'name' => 'Location',
	'desc' => 'Drag the marker to set the exact location',
	'id' => $prefix . 'location',
	'type' => 'pw_map',
	// 'split_values' => true, // Save latitude and longitude as two separate fields
) );

Extra Parameters:

  • split_values Save the latitude/longitude values into two custom fields, they will be stored as $id . '_latitude' and $id . '_longitude'.