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Extendable boilerplate for JavaScript projects based on hygen templates.



The fastest way is to use the degit tool, npm install degit -g if you haven't already installed it.

degit mustardamus/_boilerplate my-funky-project
cd my-funky-project
npm install
npx hygen



  • npx hygen eslint node: Add linting for Node.js projects
  • npx hygen eslint vue: Add linting for Vue.js projects
  • npx hygen eslint jest: Add linting for Jest testing
  • npx hygen eslint all: Add all of the above together


  • npx hygen stylelint init: Add linting for stylesheets


  • npx hygen nuxt init: Initialize a good starting point for a Nuxt.js app
  • npx hygen nuxt page: Add a page to an existing Nuxt.js app
  • npx hygen nuxt component: Add a component to an existing Nuxt.js app
  • npx hygen nuxt form-component: Add a form component to an existing Nuxt.js app app
  • npx hygen nuxt store: Add a store to the Nuxt.js app
  • npx hygen nuxt resource: Creates components, pages and store for a resource to create/edit/show/delete a resource


  • npx hygen jest init: Initialize the Jest testing framework
  • npx hygen jest vue: Extends Jest to be able to test Vue components
  • npx hygen jest test: Creates a test file for either JS or Vue based on the source file extension


  • npx hygen project nuxt: Runs eslint all + stylelint init + jest init + jest vue + nuxt init


  • npx hygen shipit init: Creates a shipitfile for server setup and deployment
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