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This is my digital shelter, respective a Blog, Portfolio and Gallery. It is a static site and powered by Metalsmith, which of I became a huge fan. It's like Lego and duct tape.


  • Tasks are executed with Yarn, so you need it installed globally: npm install yarn -g
  • Initally install all dependencies: yarn
  • Build the static production site in ./www: yarn run build
  • Start the server and watch files for changes, rebuild: yarn start


Each task has its own file, which is a Metalsmith build script, found in ./lib. Each task can be run individually but also easily all together.


yarn run build:assets & yarn run watch:assets

This will copy the ./src/assets folder to ./www/assets. Put all static resources in here.

yarn run build:scripts & yarn run watch:scripts

This will bundle each *.js file in ./src/js with Browserify and transpile them with Babel, so you can write neat ES2015. Note that really each file in this folder will be a separate bundle - that is useful to leave out unnecesary code for different pages.

yarn run build:styles & yarn run watch:styles

This will bundle the stylesheet with Stylus. Note that unlike scripts, there is only one entry point you can find at ./src/css/index.styl. There you can import other stylus files or ordinary CSS files. Auto-prefixing is enabled, so you don't have to care about it.


You can find the pages in ./src/pages as *.html partials. They will be wrapped with the ./src/layouts/page.html layout.

Each page must have a YAML front-matter with the following informations:

  title: The page <title>
  pagename: The page name (to be processed in header.html and footer.html partials)
  banner: The banner text above the actual page content

Note that ./src/pages/index.html is the home page, aka the / root route.

yarn run build:pages & yarn run watch:pages

This will build all static pages. Instead of putting them in the subfolder pages like in ./src, they will be copied one folder up. Also permalinks will be created, for example:

./src/pages/skills.html -> ./www/skills/index.html
./src/pages/index.html -> ./www/index.html

That way we can have neat URL's. Additionally the HTML will be minified.


All posts are located in ./src/posts and are written in Markdown. They will be wrapped with the ./src/layouts/post.html layout.

Each post must have a YAML front-matter with the following informations:

title: Title of the post (will be displayed as banner above the content)
date: YYYY-MM-DD (the date when the post was published)

The index of all posts is created from the ./src/layouts/posts.html layout.

yarn run build:posts & yarn run watch:posts

Builds all post. Permalinks will be created, for example:

./src/posts/ -> ./www/posts/post-title/index.html
./src/layouts/posts.html -> ./www/posts/index.html

That way we can have neat URL's. Additionally the HTML will be minified.


These are some of my pictures I took while traveling. Therefor the folder structure is organized in countries and cities:

- ./src/pictures
  - country
    - city
      - picture.jpg
      - picture.jpg
    - city
      - picture.jpg
    - ...
  - ...

Note that currently all pictures have the same format, dimensions and file name formats - because I took them all with the same camera. If you add pictures that are different in any aspect, you need to edit the build script. Just sayin'.

yarn run build:pictures

  1. Takes all pictures in ./src/pictures and resizes them with lwip. Folder- and file-names will be 1:1.

  2. Creates a thumbnail of each picture and saves it under *_thumb.JPG in the same folder as the picture.

  3. Generates metadata that can be used in the ./src/layouts/pictures.html template:

    • countries: Array of Strings of all country names
    • cities: Array of Strings of all city names
    • citiesObj: Object of Objects with country name and pictures for each city

        citiesObj: {
          cityName: {
            country: 'country name',
            pictures: [
                fullpath: 'path of full size picture',
                thumbpath: 'path of thumbnail',
                country: 'country name',
                city: 'city name'
  4. Include metadata from ./metadata.json and make it available to the template.

  5. Compiles the ./src/layouts/pictures.html template with EJS.

  6. Moves the result from ./www/layouts/pictures.html to ./www/pictures/index.html and removes the empty ./www/layouts folder.

  7. Minifies the result HTML with html-minifier.

Note that there are no watch task for pictures since it is really time consuming to resize them all.


yarn run clean

Removes ./www completely.

yarn run build

Runs yarn run clean and then runs all build scripts in series. To get a completely ready production site, run this command.

yarn run watch

Runs all watch scripts in parallel.

yarn run serve

Starts a HTTP server on port 9999 with BrowserSync. *.html, *.css and *.js in ./www are watched for changes and the page will be reloaded automatically.

yarn start

Runs yarn run watch and yarn run serve. If you want to develop the site, run this command.

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