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jQAPI - Alternative jQuery Documentation Browser

What is jQAPI? / Why was it born?

This is a alternative interface to the official jQuery documentation. First and foremost I want to point out that the content is solely the work of the awesome jQuery team and contributers (used under the MIT license).

Back in 2011 I started to work professionally as a web-developer and I was mainly using jQuery and Ruby on Rails. When I was navigating the RoR docs, I was using RailsAPI, which is also a alternative browser to the official documentation. A big shoutout goes to [whoever](made railsapi.com), the creator of the RailsAPI website. jQAPI was heavily inspired by it.

As much as I loved the speed of finding things I needed in RailsAPI, I hated how much time I had to spend on the official jQuery docs to find the information I was looking for. Back then there was a different website for the jQuery docs, but even with the 'newer' interface (which looks sleak, no doubt) I am not entirely happy.

To cut a long story short: I built a interface modeled after RailsAPI in a couple of days, because I wanted it. Once shared with the world it was very well accepted and used among many developers.

Ever since I released a couple of versions of jQAPI which was built with Ruby as the back-end (the scraper, XML -> JSON part) and JavaScript/jQuery for the front-end.

Now you are looking at the all-JS version of jQAPI, which uses Node.js to transform the content. On top of that, this version includes extended documentation for the project and is mostly covered by tests. That way I hope more people will contribute to the project.

It was quite for a while because I was busy with life and different projects. But with your help (feedback, bug reporting, contributing) I hope that we can keep it active and save developers around the world time looking for needed information, and therefore give them more time to write actual code.


How does it work


Getting started


All tasks can be executed with npm run <task-name>, alternatively with yarn run <task-name>, if you are a cool kid.


Removes the ./www folder and re-creates it.


Copies all ./src/*.html files to ./www.


Copies ./src/assets to ./www/assets.


Runs copy:html & copy:assets.


Bundles the JS with Browserify and applies the Babelify transform which transpiles the ES2015 code.

The entry file is ./src/index.js and the output file is ./www/build.js.


Same as build:js, but minifies the output with Uglify.


Bundles and compiles the CSS with Stylus.

The entry file is ./src/index.styl and the output file is ./www/build.css.


Same as build:css, but minifies the output with CSSO.


Runs build:js & build:css.


Runs build:js:prod & build:css:prod.


Same as build:js, but watches the build for changes and incremntally re-builds it with Watchify.


Same as build:css, but watches any ./src/**/*.styl for changes and re-runs the build:css task with Chokidar.


Runs watch:js & watch:css.


Serves the ./www folder with BrowserSync. Whenever one of the ./www/build.* files changes, the browser will automatically reload.


Runs ./lib/update.js which will clone/update the official jQuery documention repo, transforms the XML to JSON and builds the ./www/entries.json index.


Same as update, but runs continuously. TODO: forever


Runs all the lib tests in ./test/lib with Mocha.


Runs all the frontend tests in ./test/frontend with Karma. It also will watch for changes in in the tests and re-runs them without restarting the headless browser.


Same as test:frontend, but will only run once.


Runs test:lib & test:frontend:once.


Runs copy & serve & watch. If you want to work on jQAPI, run this tasks. But keep in mind that the clean task must have been run before if it's the first time you run start.


Runs clean & copy & build:prod & update. If you want to generate a fresh release for production, run this task.


This will lint all *.js files with Standard.

Writing Tests


Licensed under the MIT License.