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musterknabe committed Apr 13, 2012
1 parent 63dd38d commit bc368fe4c5e108f43629bad60aee297fe58aa3f1
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@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ Version 1.1.11 work in progress
- Enh #455: Added support for default value in CConsoleCommand::prompt (eagleoneraptor)
- Enh #568: CHtml::getIdByName() will now convert spaces to underscore to get proper ID for HTML elements (mdomba)
- Enh #601: added the method loginRequired() to the IWebUser interface (mdomba)
+- Enh: Added default value to CConsoleCommand::confirm (musterknabe)
- Enh: Added getIsFlashRequest(), proper handling of Flash/Flex request when using CWebLogRoute with FireBug (resurtm)
- Enh: Added CBreadcrumbs::$activeLinkTemplate and CBreadcrumbs::$inactiveLinkTemplate properties which allows to change each item's template (resurtm)
- Enh: Added full-featured behaviors and events CConsoleCommand::onBeforeAction & CConsoleCommand::onAfterAction (Yiivgeny)

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