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a ruby client for the NetFlix API

this is a gemification of the google code project found here: “”

Based on the “RESTful” resources provided by the NetFlix API, flix4r provides a clean, if very incomplete, set of models for accessing NetFlixs' (sp?) resources.


You must add your netflix credentials to flix4r/lib/oauth.yml. You can get credentials from

Example Usage

>> list = => 'sneakers', :max_results => 2)
=> [#<NetFlix::Title:0x57f0f58 ...>, #<NetFlix::Title:0x57f0f58 ...>] # shortened for readability
>> sneakers = list.first
>> sneakers.title
=> "Sneakers"

>> sneakers.delivery_formats
=> ['instant', 'DVD']

=> ""

>> sneakers.web_page
=> ""

>> sneakers.genres
=> ["Thrillers", "Action Comedies", "Espionage Thrillers", "Action Thrillers", "Suspense", "Heist Films", "Universal Studios Home Entertainment"]

>> sneakers.actors
=> ["Robert Redford", "Sidney Poitier", "Ben Kingsley", "Dan Aykroyd", "Mary McDonnell", "River Phoenix", "David Strathairn", "Donal Logue", "Timothy Busfield", "Eddie Jones", "George Hearn", "Lee Garlington", "Stephen Tobolowsky"]

Movie Retrival

more data on each title is available through the NetFlix::Title#movie method. continuing the above example:

=> "Shadowy U.S. intelligence agents blackmail <a href=\"\">Robert Redford</a> and his eccentric team of security experts into stealing a code-breaking \"black box\" from a Soviet-funded genius. But Redford uncovers a bigger conspiracy, and he and his \"sneakers\" (<a href=\"\">Sidney Poitier</a>, <a href=\"\">Dan Aykroyd</a>, <a href=\"\">River Phoenix</a> and <a href=\"\">David Strathairn</a>) must save themselves and the world economy by stealing the box back from the blackmailers."


The gem is on gemcutter.

NetFlix vs Netflix

The great Panda has pointed out to me that the official name is Netflix. meh.= flix4r