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Like e-mail filters, for your Dropbox.

SortMyBox is a magic folder in your Dropbox that moves files saved to it to their correct location based on sorting rules that you create.

How to use SortMyBox

  1. Log in to SortMyBox at
  2. Save files in to the SortMyBox folder inside your Dropbox folder.
  3. Watch your files get moved magically.



  • Mustafa “Let’s do it in JavaScript” Paksoy
  • Sid “This codebase needs more FactoryImpl’s” Yang
  • Kanishka “That should be centered” Maheshwari

Design and usability guidance by:

  • Canmert “Michael Jackson” Koral


We love feedback! Feel free to log issues on GitHub here, email us ( or Tweet at us (@sortmybox).


Special thanks to: