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Update documentation with Rails 3 information

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@@ -30,15 +30,27 @@ to store the flags, which should be defined to not allow NULL values and
should have a default value of 0 (which means all flags are initially set to
-The plugin has been tested with Rails versions from 2.1 to 2.3 and MySQL,
-PostgreSQL and SQLite3 databases.
+The plugin has been tested with Rails versions from 2.1 to 3.0 and MySQL,
+PostgreSQL and SQLite3 databases. It has been tested with ruby 1.9.2 (with
+Rails 3 only).
+===As plugin (Rails 2.x, Rails 3)
cd path/to/your/rails-project
./script/plugin install git://
+===As gem (Rails 3)
+Add following line to your Gemfile:
+ gem 'flag_shih_tzu', '0.1.0.pre'
+Make sure to install gem with bundler:
+ bundle install
@@ -220,6 +232,8 @@ on the flags column.
==Running the plugin tests
+1. (Rails 3 only) Add <tt>mysql2</tt>, <tt>pg</tt> and <tt>sqlite3</tt> gems to your Gemfile.
+1. Install flag_shih_tzu as plugin inside working Rails application.
1. Modify <tt>test/database.yml</tt> to fit your test environment.
2. If needed, create the test database you configured in <tt>test/database.yml</tt>.
@@ -253,8 +267,9 @@ Please find out more about our work in our
{Peter Boling}[],
{Daniel Jagszent}[],
{Thorsten Boettger}[],
-{Darren Torpey}[] and
-{Joost Baaij}[]
+{Darren Torpey}[],
+{Joost Baaij}[] and
+{Musy Bite}[]
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