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Omni Calculator is looking for a part-time researcher and content writer with an expertise in one of the following fields: physics, mathematics, medicine or finance.


Omni Calculator is looking for people with a passion for physics, mathematics, medicine, and finance who want to be part of something big and help great numbers of people. We have a neat product, worthy mission and millions of grateful users. We'd like you to help us serve hundreds of millions!


The long version

Perhaps this posting is a bit unusual, but we're going to take away a chunk of your life, so maybe it's a good idea to spend 5 minutes reading about what we do and - more importantly - why we do it.


Omni Calculator exists to help people make better decisions. Decisions based on hard numbers, as opposed to emotions or intuition. We make thousands of such decisions all the times - we buy houses, start businesses, remodel bathrooms, optimize energy usage, administer medicine to our kids. Most of the time, people don't make the necessary calculations because they lack skill, time or are simply too lazy to do it. Omni's here to make the process easier, faster and more convenient so that people are more likely to go through with it. A world with fewer dumb decisions is a better world.


Calculators! Easy to use, fast and flexible. Here's one example:


We built a platform that makes it easy to create and manage hundreds of calculators. All you need to know is the topic you're covering (for example kinetic energy) to be able to provide math formulas for it (KE = 0.5 * mass * (velocity^2)) and write a clear description of a problem in English.

How's it going?

We launched the website in April 2016. As of now (April 2018), we have 425 calculators, 2.5 million monthly sessions and keep doubling the traffic every 4-6 months. We're achieving it without burning investors' money on traffic acquisition or paid SEO, but purely on a superior utility to our users. People prefer Omni over its competitors, and that keeps us growing (and happy!). Being covered by TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, Lifehacker, MSN, Popular Mechanics, Gazeta Wyborcza and even Playboy doesn't hurt, either :-).

Where is it going?

We can reasonably expect to serve as much as 300 million users per month in the future. We'll build other services based on our core technology (for example, voice-driven calculators). All in the name of helping people get the numbers they need.

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for people who need to be part of something big (we're going far, far further than 2.5 million visits per month). People who take pride in creating things that actually help others.

What we need:

  • A certain degree of expertise in your area (physics, medicine, mathematics, finance).
  • An excellent written English skills (C1 level, we don't need the actual certificate).
  • A general ability to write well.
  • Being able to commit to at least 8 hours of work per week.


  • researching problems in your area of expertise (online sources)
  • building calculators for these problems (the building process is fairly easy to learn)
  • writing high-quality around these topics

Place of work

You can work remotely or in our office in Kraków (Sienkiewicza 9/17).


The base salary would be 3k net PLN if you were working full-time. Proportionally less for part-time engagement.

Others about us

Sounds good?

Awesome, let's talk. Don't procrastinate, write now: .