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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.

Releases: mutability/dump1090

dump1090-mutability (1.14)

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  • Position reporting:
    • Use the correct maximum inter-position-message intervals for surface
      position messages (github issue #18).
    • Disable receiver-relative position decoding entirely if the receiver
      max range is larger than 360NM.
    • Implement speed checks on position updates; implausible position
      changes are discarded, unless they improve NUCp. Fixes most cases
      of "spikes" in position tracks for aircraft with poor GPS data, and
      helps with many cases where aircraft are transmitting garbage position
      data. (github issue #17)
    • If a position update is considered implausible, discard all the other
      data in the same message too, just in case - often altitude will be
      wrong in this case, too.
  • Message decoding/forwarding:
    • NUCp (navigational uncertainty) is extracted from position messages
      (github issue #16)
    • Improved support for DF18 ADS-R/TIS-B message formats and
      cases where they use non-ICAO addresses (handle the IMF bit)
    • Don't forward the first message for an aircraft to network clients
      until we have seen a second message from the same aircraft.
      This should handle most of the "garbage ICAO address" cases.
      Disabled in --net-verbatim mode.
    • Aircraft with only one message seen are pruned more aggressively
      (60 second timeout vs. 300 second timeout normally)
    • Don't emit SBS output for non-ICAO addresses (github issue #9)
    • Improved the calculation of message reception time seen in SBS output.
      Now message reception time should be strictly before current time.
    • Don't try to correct more than one error in DF11 messages as these
      messages have reduced CRC coverage and multiple-bit errors are
    • Fix some undecodable altitudes that would be interpreted as a valid
      altitude of 0ft.
  • Stats & JSON:
    • Documented the JSON formats (see
    • Fix "-infdB" in stats if no signal peaks have been recorded.
    • NUCp is reported in aircraft.json
    • Fix "unrecognised ICAO address" stat counter to count the right thing.
    • Gather stats on number of unique aircraft tracks seen, and number of
      tracks where only a single message was seen (which are probably
    • Fix stats timestamp output during the period shortly after restart.
    • Include timezone in timestamps shown with --stats
    • Add various stats for CPR position-decoding details.
  • Webmap:
    • Fix webmap history loading when no history is present.
    • Better handling of long refresh times in the webmap.
  • Packaging/misc:
    • Fix config handling of lat/lon between -0.999 and 0 (github issue #14)
    • Add --oversample option to help text (github issue #11)
    • More options now accept fractional seconds (--stats-every,
      --net-heartbeat, --net-ro-interval, --write-json-every)
    • Start dump1090 with a niceness of -5 to reduce the chance of dropped
      sample data, except in --net-only mode where it's not using a RTLSDR
      dongle (github issue #19)
    • Make sure background tasks have a chance to run even if the sample rx
      thread is blocked waiting for a USB reconnect. (github issue #20)
    • Include timestamps in logging of USB disconnects/reconnects (github
      issue #21)
    • Catch SIGTERM and do clean shutdown like SIGINT does. Also log about
      it. (github issue #22)
    • Log (with timestamps) on startup/shutdown so it's more obvious in logs
      where dump1090 restarted.
    • Mark all HTML/Javascript as conffiles to avoid overwriting user changes
      on package upgrade, as many people seem to modify these files.
      (github issue #15)

dump1090-mutability (1.13)

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  • Moved to a simpler versioning scheme rather than trying
    to put suffixes on the end of the upstream version scheme.
  • Statistics updates for the stats junkies amongst us.
    Note that many of these apply to the 2.4MHz demodulator only.
    • Rationalized the demodulation stats that are collected.
    • Collect mean signal level, peak signal values.
    • Collect a count of signals stronger than -3dBFS.
    • Collect stats on remotely-received messages.
    • Collect stats on CPR position decoding.
    • Collect more CPU stats.
    • Stat buckets for the last 1, 5, 15 mins are maintained.
    • Stats display due to --stats-every does not reset the "total" stats.
    • All stats are now exported via JSON at /data/stats.json.
  • When --oversample --phase-enhance is in use, all phase positions are
    evaluated and the best result is used, rather than stopping at the first
    error-free message. This increases CPU by about 1/4 but recovers about
    5% more messages.
  • Error correction in --aggressive mode is now more conservative:
    it will only fix 2-bit errors that can't be confused with a 4-bit error.
  • DF11 messages can now be partially error-corrected (only for errors that
    do not result in a syndrome in the final 7 CRC bits)
  • Partial TIS-B support. Feedback sought from people who actually receive
    TIS-B messages!
  • Support for non-alphanumeric characters in callsigns.
  • RSSI measured for individual messages.
  • Simple filtering for bogus messages that make it past CRC checks: don't
    display or emit aircraft state until we have seen at least two messages
    from the same aircraft.
  • --net-verbatim option added; if enabled, for messages that have
    repairable CRC errors the unrepaired version of the message is forwarded
    to network clients. This lets the client decide what policy to impose on
    damaged messages.
  • Made 2.4MHz sampling the default for new installs.
  • Internal changes:
    • Restructuring of the code to be a bit more modular.
    • Mode S message decoder and output formatting cleanups.
    • 2.4MHz demodulator main loop unrolled to demodulate a byte at a time;
      this helps compensate a little for the --phase-enhance change above.
    • CRC calculation switched to a faster byte-at-a-time table lookup.
    • ICAO address filter rewritten to be a bit smarter, and to support
      Comm-B overlay control in the future.
    • Non-ICAO addresses (e.g. from TIS-B and ModeA/C) are flagged internally
      so they cannot be confused with a real ICAO address.
    • More changes to try to work around libusb crashes on exit.
  • Webmap changes:
    • Show recent RSSI for the selected aircraft.
    • Non-ICAO addresses are shown italicized.
    • Fix webmap stable sort of rows with no sortable values (would cause
      "jumping" rows at the end of the table)
    • Doubleclick on an aircraft marker or table row to follow that aircraft,
      recentering the map as it moves. Or click on the selected aircraft's
      callsign or the arrow next to it.
    • config.js cleanups. Page title and site name can be specified here now.
    • Added vertical rate indicators to altitudes on the webmap.
    • Linked from the aircraft ICAO to (Other site
      recommendations welcome!)
    • Infoblock layout changes.
  • License for my modifications changed to GPL2+. Previous binary
    releases were effectively already GPL2+ due to linking with librtlsdr.

dump1090-mutability (1.10.3010.14mu-12)

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  • Add generation of history JSON.
  • Load history when the webmap is initialized.
  • Display stats on exit in --net-only mode.
  • Explicitly pick the closest tuner gain to the one requested.
  • Include a status message in HTTP response headers.
  • Fix sort-by-message-count in the webmap.
  • Always sort missing values at the end of the table, even in a descending sort.
  • Avoid a (rare) divide-by-zero crash in 2MHz --phase-enhance.
  • Try to work around a libusb crash on exit after SIGINT.

dump1090-mutability (1.10.3010.14mu-11)

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You may get prompted about a couple of new/changed config options when upgrading (receiver max range, and JSON refresh interval if you had it set to zero previously).

  • Fix UTC clock display in non-UTC timezones.
  • Layout tweaks in the info panel.
  • Change plane color if we have not seen a recent position update (previously, any type of message was enough).
  • Fix thinko in skipping over decoded message samples in the 2.4MHz demodulator.
  • Fix a couple of problems found by valgrind.
  • Fix several problems with surface position decoding and relative position decoding.
  • Fix hang on exit after SIGINT.
  • Add --max-range parameter. Use it for relative position limits, and to discard bad position results.
  • Display message rate (30 sec average) on the webmap.
  • Restart lighttpd on package upgrade if we changed its config files.
  • Require that the JSON refresh interval is at least 1, as it is used to control the webmap refresh rate even if JSON files are not being written.

dump1090-mutability (1.10.3010.14mu-10)

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  • Many changes to aircraft.json and the webserver code:
    • Restructure to include the current timestamp, and move
      aircraft data down a level. If you're processing the JSON yourself,
      you will need to adjust your code to handle this.
    • Only include aircraft data when we are sure it's valid.
    • Include the time of the last position report in.
    • If the aircraft is on the ground, report altitude as "ground".
    • Strip trailing query strings from URLs before matching, to allow AJAX
      cache-busting query strings to work.
    • Disable the lighttpd stat cache in the provided config fragment, to
      avoid problems with partial content being served if lighttpd caches an
      old size for the JSON data. This would manifest as "bad content length"
      or JSON parse errors in the webmap.
  • Many changes to the webmap javascript:
    • Internal restructuring of how the plane table and map markers are
      maintained. Should be faster and less memory-hungry.
    • Sorting the plane table now sorts missing data high (end of the table for an
      ascending sort).
    • On-the-ground aircraft display an altitude of "ground".
    • Dashed tracks are used when there are lots of missing position reports (more
      than 5 seconds between positions).
    • Green tracks are used for on-the-ground aircraft.
    • Limit history storage requirements by only retaining at most one position
      per 5 seconds.
    • Removal of old aircraft should be much more reliable now, even across
      long pauses (e.g. browser hibernation).
    • Change the clocks to be two UTC clocks: one from local browser time,
      one reflecting the receiver timestamp in the last update.
    • Add "total aircraft" and "total aircraft with positions" counters to the
      infobox when no aircraft is selected.
    • Add a "history positions" counter to the infobox when no aircraft is
      selected; this shows the number of points making up the historical track
    • When an aircraft is selected, show both metric and imperial units in the
      infobox (metric setting controls which is shown first).
    • When an aircraft is selected, show the time since last message and time
      since last position message in the infobox.
    • If aircraft.json can't be retrieved, display a warning.
    • If aircraft.json can be retrieved but doesn't appear to be being updated
      (e.g. external webserver, and dump1090 has stopped), display a warning.
    • config.js: Change the default map zoom setting to be more zoomed in.
    • config.js: Add some comments.
    • config.js: Add an option to hide the clocks.
    • Remove extension.js and options.js, as they aren't really maintained.
    • Enable strict mode for script.js / planeObject.js.
  • Fix initial map centering to correctly use the receiver location.

dump1090-mutability (1.10.3010.14mu-9)

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  • Fix warnings. Add -Werror so they break the build in future.
  • Remove dead tracking code related to the removed PlanePlotter feed.

dump1090-mutability (1.10.3010.14mu-8)

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  • Version-only rebuild to reflect the upstream dump1090 version we
    have merged from. Retaining the trailing build number to avoid
    confusion (as far as that's possible given this versioning system!)

dump1090-mr (1.10.3010.14-1)

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This package is based on the MalcolmRobb version of dump1090.
It does not include the extras found in the mutability version; for those, use a dump1090-mutability release.

  • Version-only rebuild to fix the package version number
    to reflect the currently merged upstream version, not the
    older version when I started packaging (oops!)

dump1090-mutability (1.08.2302.14+1mu-7)

  • Notice if we lose the RTLSDR device, and try to reconnect when that happens.
    This lets you unplug/replug the RTLSDR without dump1090 exiting, and also
    lets dump1090 tolerate occasional USB glitches that make the dongle reset
  • Fix some of the more glaring pthread bugs.
  • Center the webmap on the receiver location.
  • Mark config.js as a conffile, so user changes won't get overwritten.

dump1090-mutability (1.08.2302.14+1mu-6)

  • Add support for LOG_DECODED_MESSAGES option to log all messages (disables --quiet).