Store, View, Search, and Share Kindle Bookmarks, Quotes, and Highlights with Python and Tkinter
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Current version of KindleQuotes is currently in the works...

This new version is actively being developed and, therefore, the code here will be in various stages of functionality.

** Now supports sharing on Facebook!

KindleQuotes takes your clippings file, called "My Clippings.txt", from your Kindle, parses this data into an SQlite database file, 
and then provides a way to view, search and share all of your highlighted passages and notes.

The initial version (commented on below) would parse a provided clippings file and generate HTML that could be stylized and included
in a wrapper page, or dumped in MySQL. The new version aims to provide better cross-platform support and portability. Currently, this 
involves utilizing file-based database system, SQlite, and a Tkinter GUI. The only modules needed that aren't naturally available in 
the average Python install is PySQlite2, but will most likely be bundled in when with KindleQuotes when completed.

To access your clippings file, mount your Kindle device and navigate to Documents within the root. It will be found in that directory
along with your books. It will be called "My Clippings.txt" and you may load this directly into KindleQuotes, or better, copy to your
machine first.

More details will be provided soon.

Required Software (should later come packaged):
- pysqlite2 and sqlite3
- python (w/tk)
- tktreectrl*
- fbconsole

*tktreectrl can be tricky to setup depending on the platform. 
Instructions to come, but you can get started by following the 
instructions on the tktreectrl site 
( You'll need to grab the 
file provided for the python module and the archive through sourceforge 
for the tcl/tk bindings.