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#!/usr/bin/env python
""" - Phenny IRC Bot
Copyright 2008, Sean B. Palmer,
Licensed under the Eiffel Forum License 2.
import sys, os, re, threading, imp
import irc
import tools
home = os.getcwd()
def decode(bytes):
if type(bytes) == str:
return bytes
text = bytes.decode('utf-8')
except UnicodeDecodeError:
text = bytes.decode('iso-8859-1')
except UnicodeDecodeError:
text = bytes.decode('cp1252')
except AttributeError:
return bytes
return text
class Phenny(irc.Bot):
def __init__(self, config):
args = (config.nick,, config.channels, config.password)
irc.Bot.__init__(self, *args)
self.config = config
self.doc = {}
self.stats = {}
def setup(self):
self.variables = {}
filenames = []
if not hasattr(self.config, 'enable'):
for fn in os.listdir(os.path.join(home, 'modules')):
if fn.endswith('.py') and not fn.startswith('_'):
filenames.append(os.path.join(home, 'modules', fn))
for fn in self.config.enable:
filenames.append(os.path.join(home, 'modules', fn + '.py'))
if hasattr(self.config, 'extra'):
for fn in self.config.extra:
if os.path.isfile(fn):
elif os.path.isdir(fn):
for n in os.listdir(fn):
if n.endswith('.py') and not n.startswith('_'):
filenames.append(os.path.join(fn, n))
modules = []
excluded_modules = getattr(self.config, 'exclude', [])
for filename in filenames:
name = os.path.basename(filename)[:-3]
if name in excluded_modules: continue
# if name in sys.modules:
# del sys.modules[name]
try: module = imp.load_source(name, filename)
except Exception as e:
print("Error loading %s: %s (in" % (name, e), file=sys.stderr)
if hasattr(module, 'setup'):
if modules:
print('Registered modules:', ', '.join(modules), file=sys.stderr)
else: print("Warning: Couldn't find any modules", file=sys.stderr)
def register(self, variables):
# This is used by, hence it being methodised
for name, obj in variables.items():
if hasattr(obj, 'commands') or hasattr(obj, 'rule'):
self.variables[name] = obj
def bind_commands(self):
self.commands = {'high': {}, 'medium': {}, 'low': {}}
def bind(self, priority, regexp, func):
print(priority, regexp.pattern.encode('utf-8'), func)
# register documentation
if not hasattr(func, 'name'): = func.__name__
if func.__doc__:
if hasattr(func, 'example'):
example = func.example
example = example.replace('$nickname', self.nick)
else: example = None
self.doc[] = (func.__doc__, example)
self.commands[priority].setdefault(regexp, []).append(func)
def sub(pattern, self=self):
# These replacements have significant order
pattern = pattern.replace('$nickname', re.escape(self.nick))
return pattern.replace('$nick', r'%s[,:] +' % re.escape(self.nick))
for name, func in self.variables.items():
# print name, func
if not hasattr(func, 'priority'):
func.priority = 'medium'
if not hasattr(func, 'thread'):
func.thread = True
if not hasattr(func, 'event'):
func.event = 'PRIVMSG'
else: func.event = func.event.upper()
if hasattr(func, 'rule'):
if isinstance(func.rule, str):
pattern = sub(func.rule)
regexp = re.compile(pattern)
bind(self, func.priority, regexp, func)
if isinstance(func.rule, tuple):
# 1) e.g. ('$nick', '(.*)')
if len(func.rule) == 2 and isinstance(func.rule[0], str):
prefix, pattern = func.rule
prefix = sub(prefix)
regexp = re.compile(prefix + pattern)
bind(self, func.priority, regexp, func)
# 2) e.g. (['p', 'q'], '(.*)')
elif len(func.rule) == 2 and isinstance(func.rule[0], list):
prefix = self.config.prefix
commands, pattern = func.rule
for command in commands:
command = r'(%s)\b(?: +(?:%s))?' % (command, pattern)
regexp = re.compile(prefix + command)
bind(self, func.priority, regexp, func)
# 3) e.g. ('$nick', ['p', 'q'], '(.*)')
elif len(func.rule) == 3:
prefix, commands, pattern = func.rule
prefix = sub(prefix)
for command in commands:
command = r'(%s) +' % command
regexp = re.compile(prefix + command + pattern)
bind(self, func.priority, regexp, func)
if hasattr(func, 'commands'):
for command in func.commands:
template = r'^%s(%s)(?: +(.*))?$'
pattern = template % (self.config.prefix, command)
regexp = re.compile(pattern)
bind(self, func.priority, regexp, func)
def wrapped(self, origin, text, match):
class PhennyWrapper(object):
def __init__(self, phenny): = phenny
def __getattr__(self, attr):
sender = origin.sender or text
if attr == 'reply':
return (lambda msg:, origin.nick + ': ' + msg))
elif attr == 'say':
return lambda msg:, msg)
elif attr == 'do':
return lambda msg:, msg)
return getattr(, attr)
return PhennyWrapper(self)
def input(self, origin, text, bytes, match, event, args):
class CommandInput(str):
def __new__(cls, text, origin, bytes, match, event, args):
s = str.__new__(cls, text)
s.sender = decode(origin.sender)
s.nick = decode(origin.nick)
s.event = event
s.bytes = bytes
s.match = match =
s.groups = match.groups
s.args = args
s.admin = s.nick in self.config.admins
s.owner = s.nick == self.config.owner
return s
return CommandInput(text, origin, bytes, match, event, args)
def call(self, func, origin, phenny, input):
try: func(phenny, input)
except tools.GrumbleError as e:
self.msg(origin.sender, str(e))
except Exception as e:
def limit(self, origin, func):
if origin.sender and origin.sender.startswith('#'):
if hasattr(self.config, 'limit'):
limits = self.config.limit.get(origin.sender)
if limits and (func.__module__ not in limits):
return True
return False
def dispatch(self, origin, args):
bytes, event, args = args[0], args[1], args[2:]
text = decode(bytes)
event = decode(event)
if origin.nick in self.config.ignore:
for priority in ('high', 'medium', 'low'):
items = list(self.commands[priority].items())
for regexp, funcs in items:
for func in funcs:
if event != func.event: continue
match = regexp.match(text)
if match:
if self.limit(origin, func): continue
phenny = self.wrapped(origin, text, match)
input = self.input(origin, text, bytes, match, event, args)
if func.thread:
targs = (func, origin, phenny, input)
t = threading.Thread(, args=targs)
else:, origin, phenny, input)
for source in [decode(origin.sender), decode(origin.nick)]:
try: self.stats[(, source)] += 1
except KeyError:
self.stats[(, source)] = 1
if __name__ == '__main__':
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