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Mutant Standard Build Files
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Mutant Standard Build Files

This repository contains all of the files required to build a custom Mutant Standard package using Orxporter.

These files are for anyone who is techy enough and is interested in seeing what a large Orxporter project looks like, or wants to create their own Mutant Standard packages in a format that's not offered by the website.

If you're a regular user, I highly suggest you go to Mutant Standard's download page and download a package that's best for you.

This repository has no warranty and has only been tested in macOS.


Everything in this repository is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

How to use

  • Download the latest version of Orxporter.
  • Place Orxporter in the /orxporter directory.
  • Start running export commands from the root directory of this repo.

If you want some ideas on how to make your own scripts and commands, in the root of this repo there are .command executable scripts, all of which are the ones I use in everyday tests and for the final export of each release.

The Orxporter repo has full documentation on how to create your own build commands and understand manifest files.


Check out the translation doc for some guidance.

Locations of things

  • /input is where the input emoji SVGs are.
  • /manifest is where all the manifest files are, including license metadata.
  • /orxporter is where orxporter should go.
  • /out is where the exported emoji go (I recommend putting the output of any task in a sub-folder so you can make multiple types of exports without conflicts).

PNG exports take a long time!

There are thousands of emoji, and rendering all of them in PNG will take many hours, especially depending on what resolutions and how many PNG versions you wish to export.

So just be careful and be prepared to set aside a few hours to wait for a full export if you're not using a computer that has serious horsepower.

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