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This repository is left for historical reasons, please view the svte repository for the current version of mt

commits to mt should be small and frequent, push them as soon as possible, once something works bug free, push it. That way it is easier to track changes over a period of time


vte callbacks color schemes rcfile commenting and reworking some source. minimal gtk or vte lib possible?

mt - multi-terminal: a simple, tabbed, VTE based terminal that aims to simple, flexible, and maintain a ridiculously small codebase. while still aiming to be light and fast, i feel it provides better integration to the modern linux environment. GTK's footprint isn't light, but it has an excellent API, is easy to work with and is in development.

Basically another minimal GTK incarnation of gtk's VTE integration.

I was looking for a alternative to Sakura, Lilyterm and others.



THANKS to: Sakura LilyTerm tinyterm

LICENSE: This project is released under the GPL license. Scripts from surf are under the MIT/X license ( read the license file for MIT/X)

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CONTACT: Swing me some electronic mail :)

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