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sb - simple webkit browser, aims to suckless, while still being a full featured browser that integrates with the modern desktop.
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Simple Browser based on webkit.

this is pretty much my favorite web browser on the planet. why? because I am writing it to fit my needs exactly, no more no less. That way it is bloat-free, fast and suited towards my needs.

Keyboard Shortcuts (simple to change in source if you desire)

CTRL + l = grab URL bar
CTRL + j = foreward
CTRL + k = back
CTRL + h = hide auxillary widgets
CTRL + PageUp = previous tab
CTRL + PageDown = next tab
CTRL + t = new tab
CTRL + w = close tab ( zero tabs closes sb entirely)
CTRL + { = zoom out
CTRL + } = zoom in
CTRL + r = reload
CTRL + enter = search URL bar contents with search engine (google as default)
CTRL + find = open search bar
CTRL + o = open history with dmenu
CTRL + g = opens history and launches url in new tab 'tab and go'
ALT + enter + find bar = reverse searchs

Escape, will return focus to the page, instead of the entry bars

Code: Written Poorly

License : GPLv3 except stuff under MIT/X from surf

Please Note:

You will need dmenu with the vertical tiling patch, wget, xterm and sponge to use sb with its default configuration, you of course can use different programs if you want to. 

Swing me some electronic mail

Coding Guidelines:

Use 2 spaces for each level
statements open bracket should be on the same line as the statement
the close bracket should be on the same level of the statement
all declared variabls shall have 1 line of whitespace after the function head, and then after another line


function (char *foo, int bar) {

  int cake = 1;

  if( int == cake ) {

return TRUE;

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