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🚫 UNMAINTAINED: A Brunch skeleton for rapid Ember development. Including Ember installation scripts, environment-specific JS builds, generators, and Ember.vim support.



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Tapas with Ember will not be maintained after Ember 2.0 is released. Please use Ember CLI instead.

Tapas with Ember Build Status

A Brunch skeleton for rapid Ember development. Including Ember installation scripts, environment-specific builds, generators, and Ember.vim support.

Me talking about Tapas with Ember


  • Ember Install Script - Cakefile scripts to install the latest Ember, Ember Data, and Ember Model.
  • Environments - Custom code to allow for environment detection in the browser and at compile time. Automatically uses Ember's production build when in production just like ember-rails.
  • Automatic File Loading - Automatically loads you code, no script tags or superfluous requires necessary.
  • Ember.vim support - Navigate to and create models, controllers, templates, and views with ease.

Brunch Plugins


Before using Tapas with Ember you will need to install Node, CoffeeScript, Brunch, and Bower.

npm install -g brunch coffee-script bower

Now that you've got Brunch installed, you're three commands away from a running Ember app!

brunch new gh:mutewinter/tapas-with-ember <appname>
cd <appname>
cake server

Open localhost:7435 and check out your brand new Ember app! Every time you save a file, the browser will automatically refresh.

Tapas with Ember runs the latest release channel Ember and latest beta of Ember Data. You can update to Beta or Canary builds using cake ember:install. It's also easy to install the latest Ember Data or Ember Model using the cake scripts below.


To run run tests headlessly you'll need need to install phantomjs.

brew update && brew install phantomjs

Running Tests Once

npm test

This command will install all dependencies, build the application in the test environment, and run the tests.

Running Tests Automatically

In two terminal sessions, run these commands:

npm run-script test:watch
cake test:watch

Testem will now rerun tests every time your app code changes. You can switch test:watch to test:server if you'd also like to manually interact with the app on http://localhost:7435.

Testing in Other Browsers

If you want to run your tests on other browsers, modify your testem.yml file to include the additional browsers. For example:

launch_in_dev: ['PhantomJS', 'Chrome', 'Firefox', 'Safari']

You can see a list of available launchers by running the command testem launchers.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the FAQ in the Wiki for answers to questions like:

  • How do I add a JavaScript / CSS Library?
  • How do I add Bootstrap?
  • How do I detect the environment?
  • How do I set Ember feature flags?


NPM Dependency Status This will always say out of date because I'm using jQuery 1.X for IE compatibility.

Updating Libraries


Tapas with Ember ships with the latest release channel Ember. You can install other versions of Ember using the commands below.

cake ember:install
# cake -t "v1.9.1" ember:install # for v1.9.1 tagged release
# cake -c "beta" ember:install # for beta
# cake -c "canary" ember:install # for canary

Note: cake ember:list displays the tagged releases since 1.0.0.

Ember Data

cake ember-data:install
# cake -t "v1.0.0-beta.9" ember-data:install # for v1.0.0-beta.9 tagged release
# cake -c "canary" ember-data:install # for canary

Note: cake ember-data:list displays all tagged releases.

Ember Model

cake ember-model:install

Note: Ember Model can not be used with Ember Data.


This skeleton makes use of scaffolt generators to help you create common files quicker.

To use first install scaffolt globally with npm install -g scaffolt. Then you can use the following command to generate files.

scaffolt arraycontroller <name>   β†’    app/controllers/<name>
scaffolt component <name>         β†’    app/components/<name>.coffee
scaffolt controller <name>        β†’    app/controllers/<name>.coffee
scaffolt helper <name>            β†’    app/helpers/<name>.coffee
scaffolt initializer <name>       β†’    app/initializers/<name>.coffee
scaffolt mixin <name>             β†’    app/mixins/<name>.coffee
scaffolt model <name>             β†’    app/models/
scaffolt route <name>             β†’    app/routes/<name>.coffee
scaffolt router                   β†’    app/config/
scaffolt template <name>          β†’    app/template/<name>.hbs
scaffolt view <name>              β†’    app/views/<name>.coffee

Compiling for Production

Both the development and production versions of Ember are installed via the ember:install cake task. To compile your project with the production version of Ember with hashed file names, run:

cake build

Now the public folder will contain your production-ready Ember app.


Tapas with Ember comes with a Mina deployment script to deploy your app to your own server.

  1. Install Mina by running gem install mina
  2. Fill in your credentials in config/deploy.rb
  3. Setup your server, I use Nginx with this config
  4. Run mina setup
  5. Run mina deploy


The following cake scripts are provided.

cake server               # start the brunch server in development
cake watch                # build the app continuously without a server
cake build                # build for production
cake build:test           # build for test
cake test:watch           # run brunch in test environment and watch for changes
cake test:server          # run brunch in test environment, watch for changes, and run server
cake tapas:update         # update Tapas to latest (Cakefile, package.json, portkey.json,, generators/*)
cake ember:install        # install latest Ember
cake ember:list           # list tagged relases of Ember since v1.0.0
cake ember-data:install   # install latest Ember Data
cake ember-data:list      # list tagged relases of Ember Data
cake ember-model:install  # install latest Ember Model

The following npm scripts are provided

npm test                  # Install dependencies, build for test, run tests
npm run-script test:watch # Run tests continuously when files change

To use this app with, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install
  2. echo 7435 > ~/.pow/<appname>
  3. Start the server with cake server
  4. Open

Ember.vim Support

Custom Ember.vim support is provided via portkey.json. You can navigate to files via these commands:

:Easset <name>       β†’ app/assets/<name>
:Ecomponent <name>   β†’ app/components/<name>.coffee
:Econfig <name>      β†’ app/config/<name>.coffee
:Econtroller <name>  β†’ app/controllers/<name>.coffee
:Ehelper <name>      β†’ app/helpers/<name>.coffee
:Einitializer <name> β†’ app/initializers/<name>.coffee
:Emixin <name>       β†’ app/mixins/<name>.coffee
:Emodel <name>       β†’ app/models/<name>.coffee
:Eroute <name>       β†’ app/routes/<name>.coffee
:Estyle <name>       β†’ app/styles/<name>.styl
:Etemplate <name>    β†’ app/templates/<name>.hbs
:Etest <name>        β†’ test/<name>
:Eutility <name>     β†’ app/utilities/<name>.coffee
:Eview <name>        β†’ app/views/<name>.coffee

Updating Tapas with Ember

Tapas with Ember has a built-in update script.

cake tapas:update

It updates and overwrites Cakefile, package.json, portkey.json,, generators/*.

Thanks To


🚫 UNMAINTAINED: A Brunch skeleton for rapid Ember development. Including Ember installation scripts, environment-specific JS builds, generators, and Ember.vim support.







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