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Feature: Running paperclip in a Rails app using basic S3 support
Scenario: Basic utilization
Given I have a rails application
And I save the following as "app/models/user.rb"
class User < ActiveRecord::Base
has_attached_file :avatar,
:storage => :s3,
:path => "/:attachment/:id/:style/:filename",
:s3_credentials => Rails.root.join("config/s3.yml")
And I validate my S3 credentials
And I save the following as "config/s3.yml"
bucket: <%= ENV['PAPERCLIP_TEST_BUCKET'] || 'paperclip' %>
access_key_id: <%= ENV['AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID'] %>
secret_access_key: <%= ENV['AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY'] %>
When I visit /users/new
And I fill in "user_name" with "something"
And I attach the file "test/fixtures/5k.png" to "user_avatar"
And I press "Submit"
Then I should see "Name: something"
And I should see an image with a path of ""
And the file at "" is the same as "test/fixtures/5k.png"