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AttributedLabel Example


About these classes


This class allows you to use a UILabel with NSAttributedStrings, in order to display styled text with mixed style (mixed fonts, color, size, ...) in a unique label. It is a subclass of UILabel, which adds an "attributedText" property. Use this property, instead of the "text" property, to set and get the NSAttributedString to display.

This class also support hyperlinks and URLs. It can automatically detect links in your text, color them and make them touchable; you can also add "custom links" in your text by attaching an URL to a range of your text and thus make it touchable, and even then catch the event of a touch on a link to act as you wish to.

NSAttributedString additions

In addition to this class, you will also find a category of NS(Mutable)AttributedString to ease creation and manipulation of common attributes of NSAttributedString (to easily change the font, style, color, ... of a range of the string). See the header file "NSAttributedString+Attributes.h" for a list of those comodity methods.

How to use in your project

To use this classes in your project:

  • include the "OHAttributedLabel" and "NSAttributedString+Attributes" header (.h) and source (.m) files in your Xcode project
  • Don't forget to import the CoreText framework in your project (otherwise you will have linker errors when you will compile)

Sample code & Other documentation

There is no explicit documentation of the class yet (never had time to write one).

Anyway, see the "AttributedLabel Example" sample project which tries to demonstrate quite every standard usage of this class — including text alignment, dynamically changing the style of a range of text, adding custom links, catching the touch on links to change the default behavior, and customizing the appearance/color of links.

For everything else… UTSL ;-)

  • The method names should be self-explanatory (hopefully) as I respect the standard ObjC naming conventions.
  • There are doxygen/javadoc-like documentation in the headers that should also help you describe the methods