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Use wicked to turn your controller into a wizard

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Use wicked to make your Rails controllers into step-by-step wizards. To see Wicked in action check out the example Rails app or watch the screencast.


Many times I'm left wanting a restful way to display a step by step process that may or not be associated with a resource. Wicked gives the flexibility to do what I want while hiding all the really scary stuff you shouldn't do in a controller to make this possible.


Add this to your Gemfile

  gem 'wicked'

Then run bundle install and you're ready to start


Simply inherit from Wicked::WizardController and you can specify a set of steps. Here we have a controller called Users::AfterSignupController with existing routes.

  class Users::AfterSignupController < Wicked::WizardController

    steps :confirm_password, :confirm_profile, :find_friends
    # ...

The wizard is set to call steps in order in the show action, you can specify custom logic in your show using a case statement like this:

  class Users::AfterSignupController < Wicked::WizardController
    def show
      @user = current_user
      case step
      when :find_friends
        @friends = @user.find_friends

Note: you'll need to call render_wizard at the end of your action to get the correct views to show up.

By default the wizard will render a view with the same name as the step. So for our controller Users::AfterSignupController with a view path of /views/users/after_signup/ if call the :confirm_password step, our wizard will render /views/users/after_signup/confirm_password.html.erb

Then in your view you can use the helpers to get to the next step.

   <%= link_to 'skip', next_wizard_path %>

You can manually specify which wizard action you want to link to by using the wizard_path helper.

   <%= link_to 'skip', wizard_path(:find_friends) %>

In addition to showing sequential views we can update elements in our controller.

  class Users::AfterSignupController < Wicked::WizardController

    def update
      @user = current_user
      case step
      when :confirm_password
      sign_in(@user, :bypass => true) # needed for devise
      render_wizard @user

Note we're passing render_wizard our @user object here. If you pass an object into render_wizard it will show the next step if the object saves or re-render the previous view if it does not save.

To get to this update action, you simply need to submit a form that PUT's to the same url

    <%= form_for @user, :url => wizard_path, :method => :put do |f| %>
      <%=  f.password_field :password  %>
      <%=  f.password_field :password_confirmation  %>

      <%= f.submit "Change Password" %>
    <% end %>

Note: we explicitly tell the form to PUT above

In the controller if you find that you want to skip a step, you can do it simply by calling skip_step

  def show
    @user = current_user
    case step
    when :find_friends
      if @user.has_facebook_access_token?
        @friends = @user.find_friends


Please poke around the source code, if you see easier ways to get a Rails controller do do what I want, let me know.

If you have a question file an issue or, find me on the Twitters @schneems.

This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.

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